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fvs Catholic, Law, and General Lifb Assurance
Company (continued).
The general business of this Company comprises Assurances on Lives m every form - the purchase of Life Interest aud Reversions; the sale of Immediate and Deferred Annuities; the Endowment of Widows and Children; and the advance of Money upon real Property, upon approved and undoubted Personal Securities.
The Company gives three-fourths of the profits to those Assuring on the profit scale, and one-fourth to the Proprietors: the first division of profits to take place at the expiration of seven years. Should any person assuring in the Company die before the expiration of the seven years, his representatives will nevertheless be entitled to the proportionate share pf profits due at the time of decease, payable upon the declaration of profits. Interest, at the rate of four per cent, per annum, will also be allowed to the Proprietors on the paid-up Capital
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