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1836 £3413 19
1837 4386 9 3838 5656 14
,£8021 4 10 9034 16 10 9897 1 7
The Liverpool Fire and Life Insurance Company (continued).
Enes, Mills, Manufactories, and businesses of extraordinary risk,
may be insured by special agreement.
No charge for the Policy, however small the amount of the Insurance. The progress of the Company is shewn by the following Returns
Of duty paid to Govemment9:-27i g ^
6 1840 7016 13 9 1843
7 1841 7270 13 9 | 1844 1845 411,624 19 0
The following are amongst the advantages hM out, by this Company
to 'persons wishing to effect Insurances on the lives of themselves, or
"unquestionable Security, the property of all its Shareholders, being
the Capital of the Company, .
Two Scales of Premiums—One much lower than Usual, securing the amount of the Policy without any addition : the Other, Lower than the Participating Scales generally adopted by Companies offering uncertain bonuses, and Carrying guaranteed additions on a plan entirely new and peculiar to this Institution.
This New Plan will entitle the insured, after ten annual payments, to a Fixed annual Bonus, according to his age at the date of the Insurance} and at the end of each Period of len years, every Policy, until its amount be doubled, will be increased upon the system of the Equitable Society, by the addition, for every year it
has existed, of the Stipulated Bonus.
No Liability of Partnership these additions not being contingent upon profits—there is no uncertainty as to the rate or time when they will accrue, these being known when the Policy is applied for—The amount is not subject to variation, there is therefore no temptation to mislead the public by the declaration, at any time, of a Bonus unduly large-—The additions are as secure as the sum originally insured, for by the same instrument and the same Proprietary, both are guaranteed. ^
Before a policy is granted every care is taken to prevent dispute when the claim occurs, the Directors being desirous that their Policies should not only be, but be considered negociable secu-ritiesy and be available as such.
Whole World Policies which will not be invalidated by the party going to Foreign Countries, are granted by the Company.
By the Half-Premium System, on which Policies are issued, only one-half of each of the first seven years, ordinary premiums is required, the other half being payable at the convenience of the insured.
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