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King's Russian Embrocation for Chilblains.
This Embrocation has long been held in very deserved estimation for its-great tefficacy in preventing and Removing those tonbenting wintry rfeitaaty Chilblains; and will be found to givt* speedy jelWf* particularly if used o% their firet appearance. The feet or hands should first be put for five minutes into hot Water, nearly as warm as can be borne, afterwards they should be well rubbed every night aud morning with the Russian Embrocation. This Embrocation is also a mostefficatious remedy for rheumatic complaints, and for all sprains or bruises, and should be rubbed upon the part affected twice or thrice a day.
Sold in bottles, at 2s. 9d, each, at C. King's Pktent Medicine and Perfumery warehouse, Napier street, Hoxton New-Town, London; by Randall, Steere, Giasyer, Palk, Osborne, Dowman, Barraud, and Mordaunt, Chemists, Southampton ; and by all Medicine Vendors.
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Is a sure and speetly cure foir those,sev6re annoyances witnout causing the least pain or inconvenience. Unlike all other remedies for CORN S, its operation is such as to render the cutting of Corns altogether unnecessary; indeed, we may say the practice of cutting Corns is at all times highly dangerous, and has been frequently attended with lamentable consequences, besides its liability to increase their growth; it adheres with the most gentle pressure, producing an instant arid delightful relief l¥0rti tortMe, ttft'd With p&rse'vef&ftCe in its application, entirely eradicates the most inveterate Corns and Bunions.
Testimonials have been received from upwards of one hundred Physicians and Surgeons of the greatest eminence, as well as from many Officers of both Army and Navy, and nearly one thousand private letters from the Gentry in town and country, speaking in high terms of this valuable remedy.
Prepared only by John Fox, in boxes at Is. ljd. each, or three small boxes in one for 2s. 9d., and to be had wholesale and retail, with full directions for use, of C. Kino, Napier Street, near the Albert Saloon, Hoxton New-town, London.
The genuine has the name of John Fox on the government Stamp. A 2s. 9d. Box cures the most obdurate Corns. Ask for " Paul's Every Man's Friend."
Abemethy's Pile Ointment, Paul's Corn Plaster, and Abernethy's Pile Powders are sold by the following respectable Chemists and dealers in Patent MedicinesRandall, Steere, Glaisyer, Palk, Osborne, Dowman, Smith, and Mordaunt, Chemists, Southampton ; Padwick, Hay and Hazel. Wright, Portsmouth; Rogers and Co., Pittis, Wavell, Newport; Lowe, Ellis, Littefield, Ryde; Manning, Cowes; Allnut, Orange and Bateman, Portsea; Brodie and Co., Farrant, Squarey, and Clapperton, Salisbury; Powell, Earl,and Fordham, Winchester; Roberts, Chambers, and Abburrow, Gosport; Shipp, Rockhill, Blandford; Huntley, Wimbome; Coppock, Beach and Co., Knight, Bridport; Tutchen, Galpm, Crewkeme; Pitt, Wareham; Beale, Sturminster ; Wellington, Granger, Yeoman ; Wills, Keech, Axminster ; Hine, Bcaminster; Mullet, IIminster; L&rkworthy, Weymouth; Simond's, Sheppard, Froud, Styles, Dorchester; Penny, Longman, Sherborne; Wall-bridge, Powell, England, Whitehead, Wefls; Alexander, Glastonbury; Greedy, Parsons, Wellington; Hitchcock and Sons, Cox, Haddon, Leaker, Taunton; Jefferies, Fuller, Awbrey'Wellington, Bridgwater; Bartlett and Co., Sheptou-Mallet; Gare, Wellington, Chard; Rogers, Honiton; Player, Ball, Frome; Chard, Mere; G. and C. Aglew, Midsomer-Norton; Bumard, Langport; Harvey, Sidmouth ; Garnett aud Parkinson Southsea; White and Jenkins, Christchurch ; Dale, and Pratt and Son, Chichester: Martin, Lymington; Wheaton, fcingwood; Major and Marcer, Andover; Batchelor, Fareham ; Rutter, Shaftesbury ; and by all respectable Chemists and Medicine Vendors in every market town throughout tne United Kingdom.
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