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Begs most respectfully to call the particular attention of his friends and the public, to the following Select Medicines, #c., of the greatest utility. Be has bestowed much care and attention upon them during the past seven years, and can with the utmost confidence recommend their general
Family Aperient Pills—Prepared with great care and of the purest Drugs only; they are invaluable as a general Household Medicine, affording entire and immediate relief in all cases of Bilious Head-aches, Disordered Stomachs, &c., &c., may be taken by persons of all ages with perfect safety, and are mild yet efficient and unobjectionable in their effects.
Digestive or Dinner Pills—Strongly recommended in all cases of ndigestion, Heartburn, Oppression after Eating, &c. One or two taken an hour jefore dinner occasionally, would effectually prevent these effects and give a lealthy tone to the Digestive Organs.
Balsamic Cough lozenges—For the immediate relief and ultimate are of Coughs, Asthma,-Shortness of Breathing, and Pain in the Chest arising rom Cold, &c. They are pleasant to the taste and speedy in their beneficial ■fleets. One Box taken in time would, in many instances, prevent months and years af suffering.
Chemical Hair Wash.—This is an invaluable discovery and one irhich S. H. has taken great pains to bring to perfection; by its use all kinds of dust, scurf or dandriff, are immediately removed, the Head is thoroughly and effectually leansed, and where the Hair has been previously weak and liable to comb out or ome off, it is at once fixed and its growth materially assisted, its effects are astonish-ng, and universally acknowledged to be eminently beneficial. As a suitable article o follow its use, S. H. has prepared with much success his
Crystalline Nutritive Pomade.—This elegant preparation corn-tines the unusual advantages of cleaning, beautifying, and nourishing the Hair, and )j promoting a vigorous action of the capillary vessels prevents its falling off or urning grey. It will also give strength of curl even when exposed to damp, leated air, or to sea breezes.
Botanic Astringent Powder for the Teeth and Gums—Gleans-ng and Preserving them from Scurvy and Decay, giving soundness to the Gums and a )eautiful pearly whiteness to the Teeth, protecting them from the corroding power »f tartar, and imparting to the breath a cool and delightful fragrance.
Camphorated Tincture of Myrrh and Rhatany prepared pith Eau-de-Cologne.—Exceedingly useful in promoting a healthy ction of the Gums, protecting the enamel and preventing the Tooth-aclie.
Fragrant lavender Water—Highly esteemed for its delicious weetness and lasting odour.

#gs(dans' prescriptions arttr JFamitu Jjftetricfaes personally prepared,
toitfj great care antt accuracy.
TRUSSES, ELASTIC STOCKINGS, BELTS, ENEMA APPARATUS, ETC. atticfe id warranted Geuuiwe $ fa(3e(W before dent out.
All orders promptly attended to and sent to atiy part of the Town
or Neighbourhood.
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