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Begs most respectfully to call the particular attention of his friends and the public, to the following Select Medicines, SjC., of the greatest utility. , He has bestowed much care and attention upon them during the past seven years, and can with the utmost confidence recommend their general adoption:—
Family Aperient Pills—Prepared with great care and of the purest Drugs only; they are invaluable as a general Household Medicine, affording entire and immediate relief in all cases of Bilious Head-aches, Disordered Stomachs, &c., I &c., may be taken by persons of all ages with perfect safety, and are mild yet I efficient and unobjectionable in their effects.
Sisrestive or Dinner Pills—Stronely recommended in all cases of
Kamr. Chron^ %jLsaturda%,__August_1_2th 1 tfktf
Winchester. - . . ••• . Rev. Herbert Smith, who had been for some years curate of Stratto'n^ but han ceased to officiate "or twelve yea-s /.vent Church on Sunday t" e 19th rf I.'arch and dor'i:
to the
,nded to "nerfom tthe

) oS3eQ-usnce of 7/hich the congregation was dismissed.
inciiiL'ci ue * , . _ ... , ^ _
equence ^eing issued ap;a:nst him the rev.gMP»g& gentleman
T a In conse
apreared before the Bench and every inducement was held out to him to refrain from disturbing; the congregation a p: a i n. */. T o * 1i s re 'would not consent,,unless he was acknowledged as the regular licensed
curate, *..........committed to the County fetl till
the ensuing Quarter Sessions. Gkbl
? ou r local v • he rb e rt '3m i th
logicians' prescriptions antf JFamily ^jleTficincs personally prepared, inttl) great care antf accuracy.
TRUSSES, ELASTIC STOCKINGS, BELTS, ENEMA APPARATUS, ETC. I^venj atticfe ta wattawtet) (^euuiue jiropetfij faCeffed 6efote deut out.
All orders jiromptly attended to and sent to any part of the Tourn
or Neighbourhood.
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