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IN THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND, At Shirley, near Southampton.
The Rev. Herbert Smith, having given much attention to the state of the Poor and Labouring Classes, is anxious to promote his Principles and Plans for improving their Character and Condition. He has stated' his views in several cheap pamphlets. The Asylum erected for aged Poor he now purposes to devote to the service of the Church, as a College for Deacons.
For the Aged and Infirm Poor he is desirous of securing Five Freehold Cottages, near the proposed College, well suited for the accommodation of Eighteen Aged Persons, and which may now be purchased for ,£450, if any benevolent person or persons may be disposed to advance the required sum, at Three per cent, interest, secured on the property, with the right of nominating a certain number of respectable Aged or Infirm Poor to occupy the Rooms. It is intended to rent one or more Cottages to recommence the plan begun in 1841, and satisfactorily conducted for two years.
As an adjunct to the Shirley National School, the Rev. Herbert Smith has an Industrial School op Ten Boys, to train in the cultivation of the soil, by spade labour, &c. These boys attend the National School for three hours in the day, and work for the same space of time, making eighteen hours in the week, receiving for their work 10c?., 8c?., or 6c?. per week according to their ages and diligence.
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