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J. TjLYLOR Dors and Co., 123 124, High-street (continued).
HABERDASHERY DEPARTMENT.—In this department will be found every ! irticle of the best and most approved manufacture. They invite the especial attention of Tailors and the Trade generally to their
WOOLLEN-DRAPERY DEPARTMENT.—One of the largest (if not the most extrusive), cheapest, and most varied stocks may be seen, of any kept within the counties of Hants, Wilts, or Dorset, consisting of West of England and Yorkshire Broad and Narrow Cloths, both Blacks and Colours. Black and Coloured Kerseymeres, Mixed and Fancy Tweeds, Striped and Figured Kerseymeres, Doe-skins, Gambroons, Velvet, Satin, Quilting, and Cashmere Waistcoatings. With an almost endless variety of articles, both Plain and Fancy.
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THE GENERAL MANCHESTER AND SCOTCH DEPARTMENT.—Their Calicoes and Shirtings have for years been unequalled at their prices. Excellent Long Cloths, 2|d. per yard; full thirty-six inches wide, ditto, 3£d., 4jd., and 6d. Spring-water Bleached Shirtings, very considerably reduced in price, being now 4d., 4|d., and 6d. per yard. Their Domestic Sheetings for family purposes, are now both improved in quality and reduced in price. A large assortment of Bara-gons, Jeans, and Fustians. Bed Ticks, both Linen and Cotton, remarkably cheap. Furniture Dimities, 3£d. to 6d. per yard. Yard-wide ditto, from 7|d. to 9jd., of splendid patterns and qualities. 9-8 and 6-4 Jacconet, Mull, Nainsook, Cambric, and other Muslins. Splendid Checked Muslins for Ladies' Dresses. Hutchinson's 6-4, and other Books. Book and Jacconet Handkerchiefs.
FURNISHING DEPARTMENT.—Counterpanes and Marsellas Quilts in great variety. The light and elegant Summer Quilt, so generally adopted and admired.
FLOOR CLOTHS.—Well-seasoned, and of the most chaste and beautiful designs, at 2s. per yard. Yard-wide.
CARPETINGS.—Several Thousand Yards of new, rich, and elegant Brussels, the very best quality, and the most modern and handsome patterns, at Is. lid., 2s. 2d., 2s. (id., 3s., 3s. lOd. per yard. Venetian Carpetings, from 4|d. to Is. per yard. Yard-wide Kidderminster, from Is. 4|d. to 2s. 3d. per yard. Hearth-rugs, Hassocks, and Mats, in great variety.
BONNET DEPARTMENT.—Plat, Dunstable, Tuscan, and Rice Plat Bonnets and Hats, of all descriptions. Gimps, Fringes, and Trimmings, in every variety, with very many superior Patented and Registered Patterns.

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