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The Directors request the attention of parties purposing to effect Life Insurances to the advantages offered by this Company, which they are confident may be most favourably contrasted with those of any similar institution.
At. the First Investigation of Profits, on 1st August, 1841, the Directors were enabled to declare a Bonus averaging about two per cent, per annum, on the sums insured.
(General Regulations anfc 0&banta&#.
The numerous Advantages in'which Insurers with this Office participate, may be enumerated as follows:
I. Participation in the Profits, or not, at the option of the Assured, at rates of Premium lower than those demanded by two-thirds of the existing Offices.
II. No Entrance Fee, or additional charge of any description, beyond the Policy-Stamp.
III. Liberal sums allowed for the surrender of Policies after three Premiuns have been paid.
IV. Parties allowed to pass and repass, in time of peace, from one part of Europe to another, by sea or land, without payment of additional Premium, or the Policy being subject to forfeiture.
V. Claims paid three months after proof of the death of the Party insured.
VI. Assurances may be effected on the Increasing or the Decreasing Scale, and on Joint Lives and Survivorships, or made payable on a Person attaining the age of 50, 55, or 60, or at death, which ever may first happen.
Forms for Proposals, and Prospectuses, containing all the necessary particulars, may be had at any of the Company's Offices, and of the Agents throughout the Kingdom.
F. G. SMITH, Secretary to the London Board.
N.B.—In addition to Assurances on Healthy Lives, this Corporation continues to grant Policies on the Lives of Persons subject to Gout, Asthma, Rupture, and other Diseases, by their paying a Premium in proportion to the increased risks.
Persons residing in the country have only to apply to the Company's nearest Agent, and appear before their medical adviser for that district, when the Assurance can be effected as easjly as if living in Town.
MR. JOHN KERR, National Provincial Bank op England.
MB, HENRY LUCAS, Tax Office, Albion House, St. Mary's Street.
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