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For Coughs, Colds, Asthma, difficult Breathing, and all Diseases of the Chest and Lungs.
The Cures already published fill upwards of 100 pages, and numbers continue to be received daily. One box will, in general, cure a Cough, which the following testimonials will prove :—
Copy of a letter from Mr. James Bradley, Southampton, to Mr. Staveley,
Southampton, Sept. 30,1844.
Sir,—I have always been very doubtful with regard to the efficacy of Patent Medicines for various complaints of the afflicted, I am not now so much against them, having proved the infinite value of your " Cough Lozenges," indeed I should not Tiave believed it had I not been the patient myself, their operation is truly wonderful, in fact it was magical! Having been for some time afflicted with a shocking stomach cough, I was strongly advised to purchase a box of your "Cough Lozenges" by a friend of mine who had been cured by them, who I knew had been very much afflicted with a cough. He purchased a box for me of your agent here, Mr. Tryon, chemist. I took two of the lozenges in the evening and one at bed-time, and although prevented from sleep the previous night, I found myself entirely cured after I had taken the lozenges, not having coughed from that time to this, a period of more than two weeks, thus I have had my cough cured by your valuable " Cough LozengesI advise all who suffer from coughs to take them, and shall recommend them to all my friends here.
Oxford, Oct. 28,1844.
Sir,—For many years I was afflicted with a cough, shortness of breath, and sense of suffocation when I attempted to lie down in the bed, arising from a great accumulation of phlegm, which I was unable to bring up. I had tried every means to get relief, and had taken various medicines without relief; I could get no sleep at night unless it was in a chair, being impossible to lie down in bed. In this state I continued to linger without any hope of recovery, expectiug that every fit of coughing would be my last. I was prevailed upon to try a box of Staveley's Cough Lozenges, having a bill left at my house the day before of the w onderful cures they have made, and it is with great happiness I can say, that when I had taken these lozenges, I could lie down in my bed and sleep with comfort, and by the time I had taken four boxes I was quite well. Your obliged servant,
25, Chatham-court, Chatham-street, Reading.
Sir,—When I had the first box of lozenges from you, I was labouring under one of those constitutional asthmatic coughs, to which I have been subject now for about five years. I have had the best of medical advice, and have also been a patient in the Reading Dispensary, but with no success ; my bough was incessant day and night, as for sleep, that was impossible. I tried your lozenges, the first box gave me relief, the second more so, the third box laid the groundwork for a cure, which only four boxes have effected, and I am now quite well. I am, sir, your most obliged servant,
Prepared and sold by the Propiietor, W. H. Staveley, chemist, 23, Market-place, Reading, and by the following Agents :—W. Edwards, 07, St. Paul's, London; Dowman, Southampton; Powell, Winchester; Powell, Shaitesbury ; L ish, Warminster; Brodie and Co., Salisbury; Hulbert, Basingstoke ; and all meJieine vendors. Price Is. l^d. and 2s. 9d. per box.
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