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Dr. A. A. Harvey, late of Bath, formerly Surgeon of the East India Company's Service, recommends to the Public his Family Pills.
The great benefits resulting from an efficacious household medicine must be manifest to all. This medicine is not put forward as a cure for every complaint, but in those cases of sudden and temporary illness so frequently occurring in families, it will be found of singular service, as its operation is extremely mild, as well as effectual.
The large and steadily increasing sale of these Pills, principally from the recommendations of those who have experienced their salutary qualities, is the best proof of their excellence. A few doses will convince those suffering from Indigestion, from whatever cause arising, that their effects are permanent! They remove obstructions of the Bowels; act upon the kidneys, stimulating the Absorbents to carry off those fluids which might otherwise terminate in Dropsy. They have been found of infinite service, both in England and during Dr. Harvey's practice in the East Indies, in preventing and curing the Jaundice ; in passing off Gall Stones, and restoring a healthy action to the liver.
» These truly excellent Pills are to be procured genuine of Edwards, 67, St. J aul s Church Yard, whose name will be engraved on the Government Stamp, Price Is. 1 |d. per box. 1
Sold bv Forbes and Knibb, Randall and Son, Glaisyer, Steere, Palk, Earraud, Dowman, Southampton; and by most respectable Chemists and Booksellers.
An effectual Cure for theJWhpqping Cough, without Internal Medicine.
This is the only discovery affording a perfect cure without adminstering internal Medicine, the difficulty and inconvenience of which, in all disorders particularly incident to children, are too well known to need any comment. The inventor and proprietor of this embrocation can, with pleasure and satisfaction declare that its salutary effects have been so universally experienced, and so generally acknowledged, that many of the most eminent of the faculty now constantly recommend it as the only known safe and perfect cure, without restriction of diet or use of medicine.
Many thousands qf children are cured annually by this remedy; on the first attack, an tmmcdfalc application qj the Embiocation mil prevent the complaint akingany holdoj the constitution, and a jew times using qften completely cures* In most cases, one bottle wilt produce the desired effect. The Proprietor, therefore, earnestly and ccnsinntiously recommends it to Parents, Guardians, and all those tc/io nave the care oj children.
. ?or fe projection of the Public, and to prevent imposition, "J. Roche"
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