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bates and fares or watmmcbn, porters, etc.
Few boats to or from Hythe—one person, Is.; two persons, 6d. each;
Ihree persons, 4d. each; four or more persons, 3d. each.
Ditto, to or from Cracknore Hard-one person, 6d.; two or more persons,
4d. each.
Passengers not to be detained when willing to pay the full fare of one shilling for Hythe, and sixpence for Cracknore Hard.
In boisterous weather double the above fares may be demanded, and the Harbour Master hoists a flag to denote the same.
Boats hired for pleasuring, or by time, 2s. for the first, and Is. for every
additional hour.
For a boat from the Quay, Platform, or Royal Pier, to Netley Abbey, to
land a party only—pair of sculls, 3s.; pair of oars and two men, 4s. Ditto, to Redbridge and Eling, whether returning or not—pair of oare and
two men, 5s.
Ditto, to Hamble or Calshot Castle, ditto, 7s. 6d.
Ditto, to Netley Abbey and back (waiting not to exceed two hours)—pair
of sculls, 4s. 6d.; pair of oars and two men, 7s.
Ditto, to Redbridge or Eling and back, ditto—pair of oars and two men, 6s. Ditto] to Hamble or Calshot Castle and back, ditto—ditto, 8s. 6d.
When a boajt is detained, no time being allowed, or beyond the time allowed, one shilling per hour to be paid over the above fares.
For carrying any luggage from or to the Quay, to or from the Custom-house, or to or from the Custom-house or Quay, from or to the corner of Gloucester-square—each parcel, under |cwt., Id.; under 1 cwt., 2d.;
1 cwt. and upwards, 3d. per cwt.
For carrying any package, trunk, or other parcel, to or from the Customhouse or Quay, from or to the corner of Bridge-street in the High-street, including Gloucester-square, Broad-lane, French-street, to the south-east corner of St. Michael's Church, Bugle-street to the corner of Westgate-street and Brewhouse-lane, Behind-the-walls to the corner of Bridge-street, Town Ditches, and Orchard-lane to the corner of Bernard-street —each parcel, under | cwt., l|d.; under 1 cwt., 3d.; 1 cwt. and upwards, 4d. per cwt.
Or from or to the corner of East-street, including Bridge-st., St. Michael s-square, upper part of Bugle-street and French-street, Westgate-street, West Quay, and Simnel-street—each parcel, under § cwt., 2d.; under 1 cwt., 4d.; 1 cwt. and upwards, 6d. per cwt.
Or from or to the Railway Terminus, the end of Sussex-place above the Bargate, East-street to the lower end, Spring Gardens, Hanover-Buildings, York-buildings, Paradise-row, Albion place, Orchard-street, and Castle-square—each parcel, under gcwt., 3d ; under 1 cwt., 5d.; 1 cwt. and upwards, 8d. per cwt.
For carrying any package, trunk, or other parcel from or to the Royal
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