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The Masonic Hall is situated in Bugle-street, where the following Lodges, &c., are held:—
The Royal Gloucester Lodge, No. 152, which received its first charter in 1772, under the Duke of Athol, Grand Master of England. It has at present nearly 100 subscribing members, and meets on the second and fourth Thursday of every month, in the winter; and the second Thursday only in the summer. It has been presided oyer during the past year by—
J. R. Stebbing, W.M., P.M., P.Z.
R. Harfield, P.M. J U
G. Dunlop, S.W. " ' r
W. Waters, J.W. ' v %
T. N. Firmin, Treas., P.M.
T. Slade, Sec., PiM.
To this lodge is attached a Royal Arch Chapter, having about 40 members, which meets on the second Tuesday of the month.
E. Coxwell, Z., P.M. ; ;;
G. Pope, H., P.M. . ^
T. Slade, J., P.M. ■ ^ £2:'y-
T. N. Firmin, E.P.M.
The Southampton lodge, No. 555, of about 20 subscribing membere, holds its meetings every third Tuesday. • "
E. Coxwell, W.M., P.M.
J. R. King, P.M.
J. R. Stebbing, S.W., P.M., P.Z. :
H. Clark, M.D., J.W., P.M., P.Z.
T. Slade, Sec., P.M. ^
An Encampment of Knights Templars is also held there quarterly.
J. R. Stebbing, M.E.C. ^
H. Clark, M.D., 1st C.
Major Payne, 2nd C., R.C.
Connected with the above Lodges, and independent of their usual Charitable funds, a Provident Masonic Association for the Widows and Orphans of Distressed Martins, who supported the Institution, was established by;.(he liberality of G. Wheeler, esq., assisted by other benevolent masons, in 1837.
The Provincial Grand Lodge of Hampshire, at its annual visitation, assembles in this Hall, under the superintendence of Rear-Admiral; Sir Lucius Curtis, bajrt., P.G.M. &c., who, during his appointment at Malta, has delegated his duties to the able management of— :
^ C. E. Deacon, esq., D.P.G.M., assisted by
Captain Neville, K.N., P.G.S.W., P.M., 190.
Lieutenant Savage, R.M.A., P.G.J.W., P.M., 314. ■••••, J. R. Stebbing, P.G.S., P.M., 152. • • {c,:i
T. Slade, P.G.T., P.M., 152.

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