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by Mr. Duffell, Compmny's OBce, ^&kle^Stf*#, ^ ajbd parcels and packages by Mr. George Dunlop, the Company's Shipping Agentj ^o. 2, Winkle-street, and at the Docks.
No berth is considered engaged until the whole fare is paid.
Each'ship carries an experienced surgeon.
Arrangements oh reasonable terms may be made by Invalids or others desirous to take the round of the whole voyage.
The children of cabin passengers under three years of age are. cafsied free of charge; if above three and under eight years, one-fourth of the cabin-passage rate paid by their parents iA charged; if above eight and under twelve years, one-half ditto, but not entitled to a separate cabi%,jj
Passengers' male servants are charged one-half\ and female servants, two thirds the cabin-passage rate paid by their employers. - ;, v t
An abatement of one-sixth of the established rate is made in favour,pf families, but only in cases where the amount of passage money (if charged in full for the whole party) is equal to the full charge for four adult cabin passengers. .
The passage money for dogs is one-eighth the fare paid by theirowners.
Merchandize, specie, &c., cannot be carried under the name of, luggage. All specie carried by passengers, above the value of £150, is charged for at the usual rate of freight on specie.
Each adult passenger is allowed to carry luggage free of charge, to the extent of 20 cubic feet measurement; children and servants in proportion. To prevent mistakes on landing or transhipment, passengers should label each parcel of their luggage with their names and destination.
All extra luggage is charged as for measurement cargo, viz., at 2s. 6d. per cubic foot.
Passengers should conform to established regulations, as respects passports, &c., especially in foreign Ports. Passports are now required by persons landing at Madeira.
The Company's Steam Tender conveys passengers on board, free of charge, at Southampton, leaving the Docks for that purpose not latef than ten minutes before one, p.m., on the day of sailing. Baggage, except carpet bags and hat boxes, must be shipped the previous day. No heavy baggage received on board on the day of sailing. ■
The Company is not responsible for any loss, damage, or detention of luggage, under any circumstances. ..
Mates of Freight.—-Outward Freight^ to be prepaid.—For measurement goods, £5 per ton, or 2s. 6d. per cubic foot, with 5 per cent prftnage. Provisions and heavy goods, £4 per ton weight, and 5 per cent, primage: charged by weight or measurement at the option of the Company. Machinery as per agreement. Cinnamon, Id. per lb.
Quicksilver, 2 per cent, on value.
Jewellery and plate, ditto.
All goods must be put on board at Southampton, at shippers' expense ; and shipping notes must be obtained of Mr. George Duulop, the Company's shipping agent at Southampton.
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