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PENINSfnOABt oiHaiVA^ BfAV. proceeding after engaging passage, to forfeit the deposit of half theamoUnt of passage money. ':V- r, • ;'v - /-' .y -
Passengers are not allowed to take any excess of personal baggage/iifc-less shipped at Southampton three days before starting, and freight paid thereon. Vv
All baggage miist be shipped on the day previous to sailing, except carpet bags or hat boxes.—All other baggage received oil - board on the day of sailing is considered as extra baggage, and charged freight as such.
No package of baggage should exceed 80 lbs. weight. The best dimensions for a trunk or portmanteau are, length 2 ft. 3 in.; breadth 1 ft. 2 in.; depth 1 ft. 2 in.
Every package of baggage should have the owner's name and place of destination distinctly painted upon it in white letters.
No baggage can be conveyed on freight, unless accompanied by tlie passenger to whom it belongs.
The Company are not liable for any damage or loss of baggage, nor for delays arising from accident, or from extraordinary or unavoidable circumstances ; or from circumstances connected with the employment of the vessels in Her Majesty's Mail service. "
Goods and Parcels.—Goods for Lisbon and Gibraltar may be shipped by the steamers leaving Southampton on the 7th, 17th, and 27th of every month. For Malta and Alexandria, on the 20th of every month. For Smyrna and Constantinople, on the 3rd of every month. Tor Ceylon, Madras, and Calcutta, via Egypt, on the 20th of every month. Parcels for Bombay, via Egypt, on the 3rd of every month.
Rates of Freight.—Rates of Freight for measurement goods to Lisbon, 50s. per ton of 40 cubic feet, and 5 per cent, primage. Gibraltar, 60s. per ton, and 10 per cent, primage. Malta and Alexandria, 80s. per ton, and 10 per cent primage. Smyrna and Constantinople, 90s. per ton of 40 cubic feet, and 10 per cent primage. Dead weight taken only by special agreement.
Specie.—To Lisbon and Gibraltar, 10s. per cent.—Malta and Alexandria, 15s. per cent.—Smyrna and Constantinople, 20s. per cent.
Jewellery, Watches, §c.—To Lisbon and Gibraltar, 20s. per ceAt.-*-Malta, Alexandria, Smyrna, or Constantinople, 40s. percent.
No package is taken exceeding 25 cubic feet in measurement.
Directions for Shipping.--No packages are received on board unless marked with the initial letter of the port of delivery, which letter must be perfectly distinct from the merchant's mark. The rates of freight include carriage from the Railway Station at Vauxhall to the terminus at Southampton of goods, but not of specie, carriages, or animals. Shippeis should apply at the Peninsular and Oriental Company's Offices for a Railway Orde* for their goods, which should be placed at the Station not later than three diys before sailing, it for Lisbon or Gibraltar; and not later than four days before the day of sailing, if for Malta, Alexandria, Smyrna, or Constantinople, Merchants should in due time send to their agents at Southampton
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