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Barling, Alfred, grocer, agent for the County Fire Office, 67, High-
street (see $dv. p.p. 65,106,107) -Barlow, Andrew, brewery, Romsey-road, Shirley Barlow (Andrew,) and Clode (Nathaniel,) brewers and wine merchants, the Breweiy, Shirley Barlow (Sophia) Mrs. 5, Brunswick-place Barlow, Thos. schoolmaster, Alfred-street Barnard, Commander R.N. 5, Henstead-terrace Barnard, Jas. railway guard, 1, Richmond-place, Marsh Barnard, Mrs. 6, Prospect-place Barnes, Arthur, greengrocer, 10, St Mary's-street Barnes, Chas. butcher, 1, Upper North-front
Barnes, Chas. livery-stable keeper, Grosvenor Mews, near the Crescent
Barnes, Geo. innkeeper, Falcon Inn, Fawley
Barnes, Geo. beer seller, White Swan, Shirley
Barnes, Geo: beer retailer, Fanshawe-street
Barnes, Geo. John, eating-house keeper, 12, Bridge-street
Barnes, James Geo. of the Southampton Docks, 14, Paget-street Chapel-road '
Barnes, John, cordwainer, 16, King-street
Barnes, Joseph, hatmaker, 35, Above-bar
Barnes (Maria and Mary Anne) Misses, Myrtle-cottage, Hythe
Barnes, Peter, yeoman, 5, Bedford-terrace
Barnes, Rich, master mariner, Hamble
Barnes, Samuel, mariner, 37, Melbourne-street
Barnes, Thos. tailor, 38, Above-bar
Barnes, Thos. publican, Carpenter's Arms, King-street
Barnes, Thos. hairdresser and new's agent, Bridge-street
Barnes, Wm. smith, Millbrook
Bamett, David, sen. master mariner, 64, Bevois-street
Bamett, David, mariner, 31, Bevois-street
Bamett, Henry, builder, Copthome, Fawley
Bamett, Henry, mariner, 65, Bevois-street
Bamett, Jas. mariner, 65, Bevois-street
Bamett, John, master mariner, Bursledon
Bamett, Rich, publican, Westend
Bamett, R. shoemaker, 22, Melbourne-street
Bamett, Sam. mariner, 37, Melbourne-street
Barnett, Thos. gardener, Westend
Bamett, Wm. boiler maker, 28, Bevois-street
Bamouin (F.) Mrs. 66, Marland-place
Barraud, Chas. D. chemist, 17, Above-bar
Barrett, Geo. mail guard, 4, Western terrace, Chapel-road
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