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Cooksey and Sons, 125, High-st. Copeland, Chas. 61, Above-bar.
Cray, C. D. 15, East-street Cro«£Wm. 6, Orchard-lane Darke, Wm. 32, Albert-street Figes (Eliza) Miss, Shirley Figgins and Co. Totton Fitt, Thos. 157, High-street Foster, J. and G. 69, High-street' Gill, Ann; Post-office, Hamble Glass pool, Thomas, Middle East-st Graham, John, 19, St. Mary's-st. Grimstead, Jas. March wood HaU, Geo. Chapel-road Handing, Rich. 34, Lower East-st. Hatch, Joseph, 36, Lower East-st. iiktfcii, Wm. St. Mary's-street. Hatchett, Geo.Highfield Henning, Percival, Bittern Hill, Chas. 24, South-front Hill, T. W. Onslow-road Ho are, Jane, Onslow-road HoBfcii Wm. 28, Chapel-road Hollf* Eliz. Botley I Holloway, Alfred, 33, Chapel-road Horne, Robt. Post-office, Millbrook Horton, E. and M. A. Redbridge Hudson, Alexander, St. Mary's-st. Johnson, William, Bedford-place Johnstone, John, Post-office, Fawley Johnstone, William, Waterloo-ter. Kellowand Bienvenu, 118, High-st. Kent, Joseph, 73, High-street Lanbam; Charles, Shirley Laver, Charles, 8, Union-terrace Lavers, Robt. 5, Upper Prospect-pl. Lenney, Samuel, 61, French-street Lindsay, James, Fanshawe-street Lomer, William, 5, High-street Maclean, Mary, St. Mary's-street Maffey, Jonah, 16, Commercial-road Mann, Thomas, 25, Bernard-street Marsh, Charles, 18, St. Mary's-street Mayosa, Wm. F. 55, Lower East-st. Miller, Robert, 9, High-street^ Munday, Sam. Hanover-buildings Napier, Henry, 9, Middle East-st. Parsops,.George, Shirley Perkins, E. and F. 42, Above-bar Potts, Edward, 28, Above-bar Reeves, John, Post-office, Nursling Register* Thomas, 19, Nelson-street Rimer, John, 13, Bridge-street, and
Bittern Rivers, Earl, 16, Above-bar Roberta and Co. 5, Middle East-st.
Rothe, George E. 19, Above-bar Sherrin, J. C. 21,Orchard-lane Simpson, Henry, 25, Mount-street Smith, Edward, Westend Spencer, Arthur, Hythe Staples, Mrs. Totton Street, Benjamin, Nursling Summers, Samuel, 5, Bernard-street Taylor and Son, 10, Upper East-st. Teague, Martin, 6, Union-terrace Thompson, James, 1, Brunswick- ter. Ure, Urias, Post-office, Bedford-pl. Webb (Hannah) Mrs. Shirley Welsh, Robert, Eling Westbrook, J. and F. Beaulieu Wilkinson, G. C. 166, High-street Witt, George, Rumbridge '
Yonge, Charles, 103, High-Street
Burnett, William, 153, High-street Cox, John, 7, Bernard-street Marriott, Thomas, Botley
Hair-dressers and Perfumers.
Barnes, Thomas, Bridge-street Biles, John, 2, Union-terrace Bozie, Wm. E. W. 29, Chapelrroad Bucknell, A. 17, Lansdowtie-hill Carrell, S. J. 3, Terminus-terrace Cole, George, 23, Bridge street Collings, Edmund, 162, High-street Cooksey, Thomas, Bittern Curtis, S. W. 5, Lower East-st. Dyett, George, 36, St. Mary's-street Eades, Henry, 26, Bridge-street Halsey, Robert, 26, Bernard-street Hills, Robt. 175, High-street Hunt, J. H. 17, St. Mary's-street Larbalestier, Hen. 23, High-st.
Levi (Anna) Mrs. 149, High-st. Lucas, Edw. 102, High-street Martin, J. W. 13, Orchard-lane Nines, F. W. 26, Bernard-st.
Olding, John, 3, Orchard-lane Powell, Hen. 9, Middle East-street Primer, Geo. 24, Above-bar Rawlings, G. 18, West-street Read, John, 21, Hanover-buildings Sell wood, Wm. 41, Above-bar Skelton, James, 60, French-street Stroud, Henry, 3, St. Mary's-street Trim, Thos. 22, St. Mary's-street Tucker, E. W. Bedford^place • -
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