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Smith, John, carpenter, Botley
Smith, John, carrier, 2, Terminus-terrace J
Smith, John, butler, 25, Bevois-street
Smith, Rev. John, Portswood-cottage
Smith, John, gentlemen, 15, South-front
Smith, John, gardener, Weston
Smith, John, builder, Itchen Perry
Smith, Joseph, chairmaker and grocer, High-street, Botley
Smith, Miss, Glenville, Bittern
Smith (Mary Ann), Mrs. baker, 21, Above-bar r
Smith, Mrs. Raleigh, Strawberry-cottage, Totton
Smith, Mrs. 4, New-road
Smith, Robert, esq. 8, Crescent
Smith, Spencer, esq. Brookland's-park, Bursledon
Smith, Thos. yeoman, Water-lane Farm, Totton
Smith, Thos. gardener, Shirley Common
Smith, W. mate, 3, Compton's-walk
Smith, Wm. grocer and baker, Cadnam, Totton
Smith, Wm. surgeon, Hythe
Smith, Wm. writing clerk, 43, French-street
Smith, Wm. town porter, 24, Mount street
Smith, Wm. esq. Clifton-villa, Millbrook
Smith, Wm. wheelwright, Nutler, Westend
Smith, Wm. 43, French-street
Smith, Mrs. Wynne, 15, Carlton-crescent
Smithers, Thos. greengrocer, Bridge-street
Snelgrove, Mary, 24, Carlton-place
Snook, John, builder, Terrace-cottage, Bedford-place
Snook, John, butcher, 21, Carlton-place
Snook, Robert, yeoman, Northam
Snow, Thos. coachporter, 23, Exmouth-street
Soffe, Geo. confectioner, 5, Lower Canal-walk
Soffe, Joseph, miller, Eling Mill, Eling
Soffe, Thos. gentleman, Stonehills, Fawley
Soffe, Thos. jun. gentlemen, Badminster, Fawley
Solomon, J. and P. watchmakers and jewellers, 3, Above-bar
Solomon, Solomon, hotel keeper, Exchange Hotel, Oxford-street
Soper (Hannah), Mrs. Holden's-court, North-front
Sopp, Stephen, musician, 9, West-front
Southouse, Thos. Renford, esq. Pearl-hill, Hythe
Sotham, Rev. F. Hamble
South-Westem Steam Packet Company, 71 and 78, High-street Soy, John, Commander of the Oriental steamer, 5, Cranbury-place Sparkman, J. Customs' agent, Floating Bridge Tavern, Chapel-road
Fletcher # (&., Printers.
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