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Rogers, Wm. Henry, nurseryman, Grosvenor-villa, Shirley Rolph, Edward, Hill letter-carrier, Post-office, Highfield Rolph, Wm. Highfield
Rood, Abraham, beer retailer, St. Mary's-street
Rood, Wm. cordwainer, Hamble
Rooke, Ghas. mariner, 23, College-street
Rosalind, John, grocer, 1, St. Mary's-street
Rose (Frances T.) Mrs. Wilton-house, Carlton-crescent
Rose, Wm. yeoman, Nursling
Ross, Jas. yeoman, Dibden
Ross, Miss, 4, Bedford-terrace
Round, Thos. letter carrier; East-place, East-street
Rowcliff, Edward, pilot, 8, Eldon-terrace
Rowe, John H. in the R. M. P. Co.'s service, 18, St. John-street
Rowe (Mary), Mrs. coffee house, 4, Union-terrace
Rowe, Mrs. laundress, Butlick's Common, Bursledon
Royall (Chas.) and Son, bread and biscuit bakers, 5, Upper East-st.
Royall, Joseph, baker and mealman, 57, Lower East-street
Rubie, (H.) Mrs. lodging-house keeper, 11, Winchester-terrace
Rubie, John, shipbuilder, Northam, and 4, Belle Vue-place
Rugg, Sam. builder, Frederick-street
Russell, Jas. master mariner, Bevois-street
Russell, John, gentlemen, Rosehill, Marchwood
Russell, John, cabinet maker, 12, St. Mary's-street
Russell, Mrs. Anglesea-house, Anglesea-place
Russell, Robt. Thos. printer, 6, Chandos-street
Russell, Mrs. milliner and dressmaker, 6, Chandos-street
Russell, Wm. cooper, Bevois-hill
Rutherford, John, tailor, West-street
Rycroft (Mary), Mrs. 13, East-street
Sabine, Wm. surgeon, Blenheim-lodge, Shirley Saintsbury, Geo. esq. Oak lodge, Chessell Green, Bittern, and Secretary's Office, Southampton Docks Sanders, Mrs. 7, Prospect-plage Sandham (Elizabeth), Mrs. 10, Bedford-terrace Sandy, Chas. carpenter and beer retailer, Sarisbury Green Sanger, Thos. chimney sweep, 1, Winchester-terrace Bangster^ Robt. scale maker and machmist^ g^French-street Sargent, John, Custom-house officer, 14, St. Mary's-place Saunders, Andrew, esq. Downes-house, Eling Saunders (Catherine), Mrs. Byham-house, Marchwood Saunders (J. W.), Mrs. Millbrook-cottage, Millbrook Saunders, Mrs. 31, Bugle-street
I'leicher $ Co., Printers,
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