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Last Quarter, 1 day, at 10 6| mor.
New Moon, 8 ...... 6 29 mom.
First Quarter, 16...... 1 46 morn.
Full Moon, 23...... 8 12 even.
Last Quarter, 30 ...... 4 53 after.
Sundays, Holidays, etc.
1 S
2 E
3 M
4 Tu 5W
6 Th
7 F
8 S
9 E
10 M
11 Tu
12 W
13 Th
14 F
15 S
16 E
17 M
18 Tu
19 W
20 Th
21 F
22 S
23 E
24 M
25 Tu
26 W
27 Th
28 F
29 S
30 E
31 M
St. David, Bustard-sh. ends
IV. Sunday in Lent Sun rises 6h. 43m. Day llh. 3m. long Sun sets 5h. 44m.
Ghuznee evacuated, 1842 Collingwood died, 1810 Day 3h. 30m. longer
V. Sunday in Lent Sun rises 6h. 27m.
Sun sets 5h. 55m.
Jlock fast 10m.
Day breaks 4h. 28m. Cambridge Term ends Oxford Term ends Palm Sunday
St. Patrick Clock fast 8m.
Equal day and night Maunday Thursday Good Friday Clock fast 7m. Is. -Easter Sunday [elected Easter Mon., Churchwar. Eas. Tues., Annun. V. M.
\Lady Bay Sun rises 5h. 48m.
Sun sets 6h. 24m.
Clock fast 4m. 32s. I. Sunday aft. Easter Night llh. 10m. long
Mahch 1 st—Auditors and Assessors of Boroughs to be elected.—25th. Overseers are to be appointed this day, or within 14 days. The amounts of those whose year lias expired must be veri fied by them on oath before a Magistrate within 14 days, and be delivered to their vuetx''"f v.—28th. Election of Guardians unde r the Poor Law Act, of which day, 'la Foa-J of Guardians are to give Jo .. (1 ■ ys' Notice, in some Newspaper *!! y circulated in the Union. Can-ui.'.-ih « are to be proposed in writing to the Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor, at least Six whole days before the day of Election.
GARDEN.—Sow asparagus for the new plantations of the next year. Make new asparagus beds and fork the old ones.
New Moon, 6 day, at 7 33 even.
First Quarter, 14...... 9 16 even.
Full Moon, 22...... ? 5 mora.
Last Quarter, 28...... 11 13 mght
Sundays, Holidays, etc.
1 Tu Day increased 5h. 7m. 4§>
2 W Ox. and Camb. Term beg.
3 Th Richard, Bishop
4 F St. Ambrose
5 S Clock fast 2m. 45s,
6 E II. Sunday aft. Easter ^
7 M [to be paid
8 Tu Insurances due at Lady D.
9 W Sun rises 5h. 22m.
0 Th Sun sets 6h. 45m.
1 F Night long lOh. 29m.
2 S Clock fast 47s.
3 E III. Sunday aft. Easter
14 M Sun rises 5h. 8m.
15 Tu Easter Term begins
16 W Day increased 6h. 8m.
17 Th Sun sets 6h. 58m.
18 F Clock slow 41s.
19 S Alphege
20 E IV. Sunday aft. Easter
21 M D. of Sussex diedy 1843
22 Tu Day 14h. 14m. long
23 W St. George
24 Th [born, 1843
25 F St. Mark, Prin. Alice Maud
26 S Day increased 6h. 42m.
27 E Rogation Sunday
28 M Sun rises 4h. 39m.
29 Tu Night 9h. 20m. long
30 W Sun sets 7h. 18m.
Aphil 5th.—Returns for making Assessment of taxes are delivered soon after this. Persons making the returns rate themselves for the persons and articles liable to taxes kept and used by them between the 5th of April, 1844, and this day. Dividends on several species of Stock also become due.—8th. Fire Insurance due 25th of March must be paid on or before this day.
GARDEN.—Sow and plant as in last month, for a later crop. Towards the middle of the month dune should be prepared for cucumbers. Snails and slugs ought to be killed, & weeds kept down, otherwise they will increase so fast as to : render their destruction difficult
Fletcher # Co., I'rinter*.
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