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"^LasTQuarter, 1 day, at 3 14 after.
. Mew Moon, 8 ...... 7 6 mom.
First Quarter,!A ...... 8 44 morn.
Full Moon, 23 ...... 2 13 after.
Last Quarter, 31 ...... 1 48 morn.
3 F
4 S
5 E
6 M
7 Tu
8 W
9 Th
10 F
11 S
12 E
13 M
14 Tu
15 W
16 Th
17 F
18 S
19 E
20 M
21 Tu
22 W
23 Th
24 F
25 S
27 M
28 Tu
29 W
30 Th
31 F
, Sundays, Holidays, etc.
Circumcision Sun rises 8h. 8mi Sun sets 4h. Om.
Arch. Usher born, 1580 II. Sun. aft. Christmas Epiph. Old Christmas Day Day 8h. long [up
Insur. due at Ch. to be paid Roy. Exchange burnt, 1838 Clock fast 7m. 55s.
Hilary Term begins I. Sun. aft. Epiphany Hil. Cambridge Term beg. Oxford Term begins Sun rises 8h. 2m.
Day 8h. 18m. long Clock fast 10m. 9s. " ^ Prisca, Virgin and Martyr Septuagesima Sunday Fabian, Bishop and Martyr Agnes, Virgin fight long 15h. 18m. ' )uke of Kent died, 1820 Sdw. Capell died, 1731 over, op St. Paul, a.d. 35 Sexagesima Sunday Sun rises 7h. 48m.
Sun sets 4h. 39m. )ay increased Ih. 12m. iing Charles I. martyr. iilary Term ends
New Moon, 6 day, at 6 28 even. First Quarter, 14 ...... 4 53 morn.
Full Moon, 22 ...... 6 39 morn.
January 5th.—Half-yearly dividends on some of the species of Stock become due.—8th. Fire Insurance due at Christmas must be paid on or before this day, or the Policy becomes void.
GARDEN.—If the weather be open and dry, sow, upon warm compartments, small portions of peas, beans, cabbage, spinage, carrots, parsley, radish, lettuce, and onions, and preserve them from the cold by mats. Also, in hot beds, cucumbers, melons, small salading, best early and red.cabbage, kidney beans, and cauliflowers. Plant cabbages, horse radish, beans, and mint root. The cucumbers and melons this month require particular attention. They ought to receive air by small degrees as often as possible.
Sundays, Holidays, etc.
1 S Pheas. and Par. shoot, ends
2 E Quinquagesima, Pur.Y.M.
3 M St. Blase , ' • 4Tu Shrove Tuesday
5 W Ash Wednesday
6 Th Sun rises 7h. 32m.
7 F Sun sets 4h. 58m.
8 S Half-Quarter
9 E I. Sunday in Lent
10 M Queen Victoria married
11 Tu [div. noon
12 W Ember Week. Cam. Term
13 Th Glorious Revolution, 1688
14 F Valentine, Old Cand. Day
15 S Tweed fishing begins
16 E II. Sunday in Lent . '
17 M Day lOh. 4m. long
18 Tu Sun rises 7h. 10m.
19 W Sun sets 5h. 20m.
20 Tn ; ' 1
21 F Day increased 2h. 36m.
22 S Day breaks 10m. after 5
23 E III. Sunday in Lent
24 M St. Matthias., Duke of Cam-
25 Tu [bridge born, 1774
26 W Sun rises Oh. 54m.
27 Th >un sets 5h. 34m.
28 F Clock fast 12m, 46s.
Tenancy.—A yearly tenant must take care that he gives notice to quit his premises half-a-year before the time of the expiration of the current year of his tenancy. If, by agreement, a quarter's notice is to be sufficient, the notice must expire with the tenancy if that is yearly.
GARDEN.—Sow small salading, radish, onions, parsley, spinage, cabbage, ieas, beans, lettuce, cauliflowers, carrots, larsnips, fennel, See. Plant cabbages, &c. as last mouth. The cucumber ana melon jlants, raised last month, should be transplanted about the middle of this into,, new hot beds. . The ground should « irepared for planting asparagus dhi-month. f«^i
Fletcher # (Jo., I'rtniers,

1843k <

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