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Patron—The Lord Bishop of Winchester.
Vice Patrons:
The Duke of Buccleuch I The Viscount Palmerston
The Marquis of Conyngham | The Lord Montagu
President—Charles Hilgrove Hammond, Esq.
W. Betts, Esq., Bevois Mount W. Duckworth, Esq., Beechwood
Rev. C. Henville, M.A., Hamble Geo. Wheeler, Esq., Southampton
Rev. T. Adkins Rev. H. AlmackD.D. Charles Brett, esq. John Bullar, esq. Rev. J. Crabb
Committee of Management: Rev. W. P. Hulton,
M. A.
George Jones, esq. Colonel Maclachlan W. H. Moberly, esq. Dr. Oke
Rev. C. J. Parsons, .
M. A.
Rev. T. L. Shapcott,
M. A. Edw. Thompson, esq. Rev.W.Wilson, D.D.
W. Duckworth, esq.
Together with the six senior Medical Officers of the Institution.
Treasurer—M. Maddison, Esq. Physicians—Dr. Steed and Dr. Oke.
J. Stace, esq. R. S. Fowler, esq. G. B. Corfe, esq. Joseph Bullar, esq.
H. Clark, esq. A. Maxfield, esq. J. R. Ware, esq.
W. Bullar, esq. G. B. List, esq. G. T. George, esq.
Auditor—Edward Thompson, Esq. House Surgeon—Mr. J. Alfred Stace.
The object of this Institution is "the relief of the destitute poor, disabled by accident or disease/'
It is open at all times to persons suffering from sudden accident, without any other recommendation being required.
It is open every Monday, at eleven o'clock, to receive patients recommended by Governors.
An annual subscription of one guinea constitutes a Governor, and entitles to a recommendation.
Reports, copies of the Rules of the Institution, and any information respecting it, may be obtained from the Honorary Secretaries.
Subscriptions and donations received by the Treasurer, M. Maddison, Esq. and by C. S. Fanshawe, M.A., and W. Bullar, M.D., Honorary Secretaries, Prospect Place, Southampton.
Fletcher # (Jo., Printers.
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