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G. Laishley and Go., 124, High-street (continued).
FLANNEL DEPARTMENT.—Lancashire Flannels, 9d. and lOjd. per yard. Very superior ditto, Is. 0|d. per yard. Domett's 3-4, 7-8, 4-4, and from 3$d. per yard. Imitation Welsh power loom, of very superior texture, and at extraordinary low prices. Good 9BLANKETS.—Yorkshire, from 3s. 6d. to 7s. per pair. Real Witney, 1| yard long, 5s. per pair; 2 yards long, 7s. to 10s. per pair; 2i yards long, lis. 6d. to 16s. per pair; 3 yards long, 14s. 6d. to 21s. per pair. Superior Crib or Bath Blankets, from 5s. to 10s. per pair.
FAMILY LINEN DEPARTMENT.—Just Imported, a large supply of their well-known and much-liked mill-spun Linens, from the best Manufacturers in Ireland. A decided bargain in Cambric Handkerchiefs 4-4, 9-8, 5-4, 8-4, and 10-4 Scotch, Barnsley, and Russia Sheetings. 3-4 and 6-4 Huckabacks, Diapers. Barns-ley, Scotch, and other Damasks. Breakfast and diiftier Napkins, Doilies, and Toilet Covers, in great variety. Drills, both bleached and gray, plain and fancy. Ticks ; West of England and Scotch, of all widths and qualities, in great variety. 5-8, 3-4, and 7-8 Irish Linens.
SHAWL, SCARF, AND FANCY HANDKERCHIEF DEPARTMENT.—A variety both of French, English, and Scotch manufacture, of new and elegant designs, in Shawls and Scarfs for all seasons. Brocaded Chini, and other fancy SilkH andkerchi efs and Scarfs of exquisite taste and richness, for Ladies, at a very great reduction from the original cost of manufacturing. A Great Bargain. Also splendid worked Capes, Collars, and Habit Shirts, Plain and Figured Nets, Urlings, and Thread Laces and Edgings.
PRINTED CAMBRICS AND MOUSSEL1NE-DE-LAINES.—The most chaste, new, and elegant designs in Town-printed Cambrics ; also, new Swiss Cambrics for Ladies' Morning Dresses. New and elegant Mousseline-de-Laines. Alpocses, Chusans, and other articles, for Ladies' Dresses, of the newest and most admired fabrics.
CABINET GOODS.—Ladies' Rosewood and Mahogany Work-Boxes, richly inlaid with Pearl, 2s. 6d. to 12s. each. Ladies' Writing Desks, 6s. to 30s. Ladies' and Gentlemen's Dressing Cases. Tea Caddies, with a varied stock both of useful and ornamental articles, too numerous for insertion.
HOSIERY DEPARTMENT.—Ladies' Cotton Hose, from 4s. 6d. per dozen; better, at 6s. 6d. Very good at 10s. 6d., and a splendid quality at 12s. per dozen, or 12|d. per pair. Three-thread Super, ditto, Is. 4*d. and exquisitely fine ditto, is. 6|d. per pair, or 18s. per dozen. A Great Bargain in Gentlemen's Unbleached Cotton Hose, from 7s. to 12s. 6d. per dozen. Gentlemen's White Cotton Hose, from 12s. 6d. to 21s. 3d. per dozen, of excellent quality. Ladies' and Gentlemen's Silk Hose at very reduced prices. Children's Cotton and Worsted Hose and Socks of every description.
GLOVES AND MITTENS.—Ladies' Kid Gloves, of all qualities, in great variety. Ladies' Coloured and Black Silk ditto. Ladies' handsome Embroidered ditto, both German, French, and English. Ladies'German Thread ditto, of the finest and most beautiful texture. Mittens of every description, both plain and fancy. Gentlemen's Black and Coloured Kid, Beaver, Buck and Doe Skin, Berlin, Thread, and Silk, in endless variety, and of the best and most approved manufacture. Children's Gloves and Mittens of all sorts, and adapted to all ages.

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l<'lelvher <$ Co., Printers.
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