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Chairman—William Cripps, esq., M.P. Deputy Chairman—Matthew Boulton Rennie, esq.
Joshua Lockwood, esq.
Henry Oxley, esq.
Ralph Charles Price, esq. George Richard Robinson, esq. Hon. J. Chetwynd Talbot, Q.C.
Chas. Bischoff, esq.
William Blount, esq.
Jonathan Crocker, esq.
Robert Hugh Innes, esq.
Richard Harman Lloyd, esq.
Thomas Devas, esq, | Nathaniel Gould, esq.
Robert Alexander Gray, esq.
Thomas Devas, esq. J Nathaniel Gould, esq.
Robt. Alex. Gray, esq.
Thomas Boddiugton, esq. | Frank Jellicoe, esq.
John William Liddiard, esq.
Physicians—G. L.. Roupell, "esq., M.D., F.R.S., 15, Welbeck-street, and W. D. Chowne, esq., M.D., 14, Princes-street, Cavendish-square. Surgeon—William Cooke, esq., 39, Trinity-square, Tower-hill. Bankers—Messrs. Maaterman, Peters, Mildred, & Co., Nicholas-lane, Lombard-st Actuary and Secretary—Charles Jellicoe, esq.
- This Association is of the nature of a mixed Proprietary Assurance Company, having a subscribed Capital of ^1,000,000, divided into 50,000 Shares of £20 each.
Of this Capital an instalment of ^50,000 being at the rate of per Share, has been paid up, and on this sum of £50,000 interest is allowed half-yearly at a rate not exceeding 5 per Cent, per annum.
Each Proprietor, and every person becoming one, must effect and keep on foot an Assurance for a sum proportioned to the number of his Shares, or be liable to a fine of 2 per Cent per annum on the amount of his instalment; so that in such case, if the current rate of Interest be 4 per Cent., he will receive only half that rate, and if 5 per Cent, be allowed, he will be entitled to 3 per Cent. only.
On the decease of a Proprietor, his executors will have the benefit of any existing Policy effected to cover his Shares, for one year from the date of his death, at the expiration of which period the fines will be levied, unless a fresh Assurance be effected in respect of the Shares held by such executors.
The affairs of the Society are investigated every five years, and the profits, including the dividends on the invested Capital and after payment of expenses, interest to the Proprietors, 8ec., are then divided, three-fourths being appropriated to all existing Assurances effected on the participating scale, in the proportions indicated by the value of each Policy respectively. The profits thus apportioned may be applied at the option of the parties, either in adding to the amount of their Assurance such reversionary sum as may be equivalent to its share of profit, or in reduction of the Premium thereafter payable on the Policy.
The last division of Profits took place in 1840, the next will be made in 1845.
Prospectuses and every information may be obtained on application at the office, No. 35, Old Jewry.
Chemist and Druggist, 7, IIigh-strbbt, Southampton.
Fletcher Jy Co., 1'iiiil.
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