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Just published, in 1 vol. 12mo., price 6s. in cloth; or, in morocco, 10s.,
" These lectures, one and all, are marked with good sense, clear reasoning, much research, and considerable eloquence. The Author is evidently a man of learning and talent."—Athenceum.
"We have been much pleased with this little work; with its rectitude of principle, its correctness of religious feeling, its soundness of observation, and the just and happy application of its theological knowledge and biblical history."— Gentleman's magazine.
" These lectures are exactly adapted for family reading, or for the perusal of intelligent youth. Avoiding the length and formality of sermons, and touching upon points of history, sacred geography, and fulfilled prophecy, Mr. Bullae has succeeded in rendering this book most readable and instructive. The style is so thoroughly genuine English, that the truths recommended strike the mind with force, and are likely to adhere with permanency. Disputed points of doctrine or church government have been studiously avoided; while no opportunity has been lost of enforcing moral duty, and reverence for scriptural truth. Here is nothing sectarian—nothing assumptive—nothing dictatorial A delightful spirit of true Christianity undebased by party, and of fervent piety remote from enthusiasm, runs through the whole: an evident desire to do good, by directing attention to the doctrines and practices of the apostles and prophets, is the prominent feature of the volume; from the perusal of which no candid reader can rise without having love to his fellow-creatures excited—his piety warmed and elevated—and his mind improved."—Hants Independent.
" This vety respectable volume contains twenty lectures, besides a series of notes, replete with information. They are modestly called * Lay Lectures,' because the puihor is not in the office of pastor and teacher ; but how learned and able to instruct others our extracts will snow."—Congregational Magazine.
" These Lectures display a cultivated mind, a sound judgment, and a devout heart; and are calculated to enlighten every serious reader. — JValchman.
"This volume abounds in excellent matter judiciously exhibited."—Christian Witness.
" We have enjoyed much pleasure in the perusal of these Lectures, and heartily recommend them to our readers, for the improvement of themselves, and especially of the junior members of their families."—Hants Advertiser.
" These Lay Lectures abound in valuable matter, and pi ove the Author a man of^sound learning, possessing a profound acquaintance with the Divine oracles."
" This is a volume of more than ordinary interest. We hope soon fo give our readers a more ample account of it."—Evangelical Magazine.
" This volume possesses beauties which will make it known beyond the circle of warm-hearted and admiring friends, who urged its publication. The style is graceful and unassuming, worthy the simple dignity and glory of Divine truth, and admirably adapted to the varied level or the subject—now descending to some familiar explanation, now rising 'to the height of the great argument.' We are satisfied that Mr. Bullar's volume will become extensively known; for to the rich and poor, the learned and unlearned, it will afford assistance to the soul in its search after peace and happiness."—Post Office Monthly Intelligencer,
London : Longman and Co.

I'lvtchcr % (Jo., Printers.
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