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Farmers' Fire and Life Family Endowment Society -Globe, Fire and Life -Guardian, Fire and Life Hants, Sussex, and Dorset, Fire Imperial, Fire and Life Licensed Victuallers', Fire and Life London, Edinburgh, & Dublin, Life Mutual, Life and Loan -Norwich Union, Life -North British, Fire and Life -Protector, Life Phoenix, Fire -
Promoter, Life -
Protestant Dissenters', Fire & Life
Royal Exchange Marine, Fire,
Life, and Annuity -Scotch Equitable, Life -Standard of England, Life -South of England, Life and Fire -Sun, Fire and Life -Tradesmen's, Life -Union, Fire and Life -West of England, Fire and Life
W. R. Lejeune, 1, Orchard-place E. Williams, 30, Bugle-street A. Abraham, 147, High-street J. D. Doswell, Albion-place W. Lomer, 5, High-street I. Fletcher, 143, High-street J. T. Tucker, 32, Above-bar T. B. Nichols
John Dyne, 13, Hanover-buildings James Warren, 65, High-street Edward Palk, 38, High-street J. H. Glaisyer, 7, High-street R. H. Perkins, 59, High-street; &
C. Brooks, 8, Above-bar C. M. Permain, 27, Above-bar Thos. Fox, 132, High-street
Joseph Clark, jun., 18, High-street James Blatch, 22, Above-bar E. Williams, 30, French-street Edward Smith, West-end W. J. Le Feuvre, 71, High-street
G. L. Marshall, 103, High-street
H. Withers, 10, Above-bar
W. H. Newman, 4, Upper East-st.
John Colson John Diaper William Dymott, sen. William Dymott, jun. Stephen Pearce Clayton Pettitt Thomas Bromley George Gould
William Alford George Richard Carpenter Charles Lawrence James Lawrence Samuel Hooley George Harding John Cowdery
Fletcher § Co., Printers.
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