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bonded warehouses and vaults
are now completed on the most extensive scale, and in use for the housing of all descriptions of Grain, of general Merchandise, and of Wines and Spirits,—as also spacious Yards and Timber Ponds for. storing cargoes of Deals and Timber in bond.
the company's goods rates
have been modified, on a similar principle of reduction, on the leading articles of Importation.
Goods or Baggage water borne for shipment in the Tidal Dock, all labour and risk devolving on the Shipper, pay one moiety of the Wharfage rate to which they would be subject if shipped from the Quays.
hailway goods rate.
In addition to the foregoing low scale of Dock charges, the principle of which the Directors have applied, or are prepared to apply, to most other articles of Merchandise, the Dock Company, by taking upon themselves the obligation of guaranteeing to the London and South-Western Railway Company a fixed minimum quantity per annum, have enabled themselves to offer to the Shipping Trade the advantage of a daily transmission of Goods by Railway, the whole distance between the London and the Southampton termini, at the rate of 5s. for landing or shipping, including wharfage and cranage, housing or unhousing, loading or unloading, and draft to the station at Southampton ; and 10s. for railway carriage—per ton weight, without reference to quantity.
passengers and their baggage.
For Passengers embarking or landing by the East and .West India, the Peninsular, Mediterranean, French, and Channel Islands Packets the Company have provided the utmost accommodation. The Customs' examination of Baggage being performed on the spot, and with peculiar facility and promptitude, commencing for seven months in the year at 6, one month at 7. and four months at 8, a.m., and continuing until 9 or even 10 at night, Passengers are constantly enabled to proceed to London by the first train after their arrival-
tolls and dues charged on passengers and their luggage.
Each Passenger , . . . Each package of luggage, a landing rate and a delivery rate, each
of the following amounts:—Not exceeding 281b*. each .
If exceeding 28, and not exceeding 841bs. each . .
If exceeding 84. and not exceeding 1121bs. each . • If exceeding 112, and not exceeding 1401bs each
If exceeding 140, and not exceeding 1961b* each . .
s. d.
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Fletcher 8f Co., Printers.
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