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1747. An Act of Parliament passed for " repairing, improving, and maintaining the public conduits and other water works belonging to the town of Southampton."
1754. The corporation gave up the petty customs on imports and exports,
from and to Africa, for twenty-one years.
1756. The inhabitants refused quarters to a body of Hessian mercenary
troops. .
1759. An army of Hessians landed for the defence of the country during
the war with France.
1760. The charity schools established.
1768. The plan for the Polygon designed.
1769. The Long Rooms built.
1770. Southampton and Hampshire bank established.—An Act of Parliament passed " for the better paving, repairing, and cleansing the streets and other public passages, in the several parishes of St. Michael, St. John, Holy Rood, St. Lawrence, All Saints within the Bar, All Saints without the Bar, and East-street and Bag-row, within the town of Southampton, and liberties thereof, and for preventing nuisances and annoyances therein, and for widening and rendering the same more commodious, and for the lighting and watching the said streets and public passages."
177-1. Portswood House built.
1773. East Gate taken down.—An Act of Parliament passed for better regulating the poor, and repairing the highways within the town and county of Southampton.
1774. The number of houses amounted to 705.
1776. The parishes incorporated by Act of Parliament for the relief of the poor.—The workhouse built.
1786. Sunday schools established.
1787. John Wesley paid a visit.
1789. Thorner's alms' houses built. __ _____ -—-—- «
& 1792.^Southampton Town and County bank established.—The mayor's/ { gfchain and medallion^presented to the corporation ^ _______aa*** —* *
1794. The army commanded by the Earl of Moira and destined for Ostend, as well as the troops for the Quiberon expedition, embarked.— Number of voters for the borough, 491.
1795. An army, destined to serve in the West Indies, embarked.—Nov. 12. All Saints' Church consecrated.—The Southampton and Salisbury Canal Company incorporated.
1796. An Act of Parliament passed to erect Northam bridge, and for the formation of Northam road.
1799. An army encamped on Shirley Common.
1800. The army destined to conquer the French in Egypt embarked.
1801. The population of the town, 7913.—December. The learned Lang-ton Bennett died.
1802. The circulating book society established.
1803. An Act of Parliament passed " for abolishing certain dues called petty customs, anchorage, and groundage, and for improving the port
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