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and boroughs]—as to payment of rates and taxes—of claim by Freemen to Town Clerks—of objection to Overseers and Town Clerks—of objection to parties objected to—from Town Clerks. Notices [as respects the City of London] of claim to secondaries and clerks of the respective Livery companies in London—To High Bailiffs of Westminster and Southwark—from Revising Barristers to Town Clerks—of objection to parties objected to— of objection to secondaries and the Clerks of the respective Livery companies. Notices [as respects Counties and Cities] of appeal from decision of Revising Barristers—to Sheriffs and Returning Officers of Judgment and orders of the Court of. Common Pleas—from Candidates to Returning Officers. The 20th day of July is the last day for sending in claims for voting in counties—25th of August is the last day for service of objections on electors in counties, or their tenants, and for service on overseers of objections to borough electors; also the last day to claim as borough electors—the 15th of September is the last day for claims of persons omitted in the Burgess Lists, and objections to persons improperly inserted therein, to be delivered to Town Clerks; and also for notice to be received by the person objected to.
39.—Adhesive Labels, Envelopes, etc.
The postage on letters and newspapers can be prepaid by affixing labels of sufficient value. Stamps, however, will not free letters to this country, when posted abroad. If letters are posted with stamps of insufficient value, double the amount deficient is charged to the receiver. If stamps of insufficient value are placed on letters for places abroad, to which prepayment is compulsory, such letters are not sent. Stamps of sufficient value to cover the foreign postage can free letters abroad. Labels, &c., are sold at every Post Office and Receiving House, at the following prices; viz., Id. Labels, one penny each ; 2c?. Labels, two-pence each.—The prices of penny envelopes are as follows : twelve, If. I\d.; eight, 9c?. ; six, 6fd.; four, 4|c?. ; two, 2~d.—The prices £>f two-penny envelopes are : twelve, 2s. 2c?. : nine, Is. 7|.; six, If. le?.; three, 6|c?.—The prices of penny stamped half-sheets of paper are : for a single half-sheet, \\d.; for a quire, containing 24 half-sheets, 2s. 3d. ; for a half-ream, containing 240 half-sheets, 22s. 3c?.
40.—Limitation as to the weight of Letters passing through the Post.
Letters or packets, above the weight of sixteen ounces, connot be sent through the post, except such letters or packets as the following: viz., Parliamentary Petitions ; Addresses to Her Majesty ; Letters and Packets addressed to, or received from, places abroad ; Letters and Packets to, and from, Public Departments ; Deeds, if sent open, or in covers, open at their sides.
41.—Petitions to Parliament and Addresses to Her Majesty.
Addresses to Her Majesty are sent through the post, free of postage. Parliamentary Petitions sent, free of postage, if under the weight of thirty-two ounces, and without covers, or in covers open at the sides.
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