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36.—Prices' Current.
Prices' Current can be sent abroad for one penny postage, the prepayment of which is optional, provided they are posted within seven days from the date of publication, and contain no writing. The word " Price Current" must be written or printed over the address.
The postage of one penny is charged for printed Prices* Current and Commercial Lists from China, France, and British Colonies, either brought by packet or private ship. From all other places the postage is two-pence. From the British Colonies, passing through England, two-pence each, which must be prepaid; and those passing through France, two-pence each also. The Lists just mentioned, if stamped, are treated as newspapers.
37.—Printed Votes and Proceedings of Parliament.
Printed votes and proceedings of the Imperial Parliament, and of the Colonial Legislatures, pass through the post at the following rates: viz., under four ounces, one penny; above four and under eight ounces, twopence, &c. The prepayment of the postage is optional. Such votes and proceedings are sent for the above rates to any part of the United Kingdom, or to the Colonies, by packet. To places where there are no packets, they are sent by private ships, at double the above rates. They are charged letter postage to the East Indies, via Southampton and Alexandria.
38.—Notices of Objection or clcLvni to Vote for Members of Parliamerit.
Notices of objection or claim to a vote for a member of Parliament can be sent registered through the post. The notice and a duplicate must be delivered to a Postmaster unsealed. A fee of twopence and the postage of the notice are taken, and the duplicate returned. Postmasters preserve receipts or memoranda of the delivery of such notices which are proofs of delivery. The fee and postage of the notice must be prepaid, may be prepaid by stamps, and must be posted half an hour before the closing of the box for the mail by which it is to be despatched. Notices cannot be posted at any office that does not grant or pay money orders. The nearest post-offices to Southampton at which they can be posted are Lyndhurst, Fareham, Romsey, and Winchester. In cases of notices to overseers of a parish or township, the delivery of a notice to one of such overseers is sufficient, and it may be left at his place of abode, or office or place for transacting parochial business. The production of the stamped duplicate is evidence of the delivery of the notice, to the party to whom it is addressed, at the time at which it would reach him in the course of ordinary post. The following is a list of the notices that can be registered and sent through the post according to the foregoing regulations Notices [as respects counties] by overseers to persons entitled to vote—to overseers by parties claiming to be inserted in the list of voters—from Revising Barristers to Clerks of the peace—from Clerks of the peace—-of objection to be given to overseers—of objection to be given to parties objected to, and to occupying tenants. Notices as [respects cities
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