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To * Germany, Denmark, Sweden, And Russia
♦Heligoland . . . .
♦Hamburgh, Cuxhaven, Lubeck, Grand Duchy of Oldenburgh Holland .....
Bremen .....
♦Countries on the Continent of Europe, via Holland ♦Java (via Holland), New South Wales
24.—Havre Mails.
Supplementary mails are made Up at Southampton and received from Havre by the steamers that ply between the two ports. Letters can be sent in these mails, if specially directed " via Southampton and Havre," to the following places : viz., to France, Algeria, Spain, Portugal, Sardinia, Tuscany and Lucca, Switzerland, Bavaria, certain Northern States of Europe (see note 6, p. 20), Baden, certain German States (See note c, p. 20), Prussia, Belgium, Holland, Austrian Dominions (see note a, p. 20), Cities of Cracow and Belgrade, Two Sicilies, Papal States, Modena, Parma, Placentia, Greece, The Archipelago, Ionian Islands, Wallacia, Moldavia, Turkey in Europe, Scutari, Southern Poland (see note d, p. 20), Southern Russia (see note e, p. 20), Alexandria, Smyrna, The Dardanelles, Constantinople, Malta, and India. The postage on letters for the above places is the same as that charged if they were sent via London and Dover (see No. 23, p. 19 & 20). Moveable boxes are placed on board the Havre steamers to receive letters that are written too late to be posted. The letter-box in Hanover Buildings closes one hour before the advertised time for the vessel leaving the Docks.
25.—IIow Letters to be sent through France must be directed.
Letters for the following places, if intended to be sent through France, must be addressed via France : viz., Portugal, Bavaria, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Cracow, Southern Poland, Southern Russia.
26.—Soldiers' and Seamen's Letters.
Letters can be sent abroad to any part to which theie are packet boats from this country, and to St. Helena and the Cape of Good Hope, to noncommissioned officers, captain's stewards, soldiers, and seamen, for one penny each, provided they do not exceed half an ounce each, and the name of the soldier or sailor, his class or description, with the name of the ship, regiment, corps, or detachment, to which he belongs, be specified. The postage must be prepaid.
Such soldiers' or sailors' letters, if sent by a private ship, are charged 3d. each. Three-pence postage is charged for soldiers' and seamen's letters to the following places: viz., to the River Gambia, Sierra Leone, Goree, Senegal, Isle of Ascension, and China.

Flelchcr # Co., Printers.
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