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are the rates of postage for prepaid letters. If letters are not prepaid, the rates are doubled. An easy method of reckoning the postage on heavy letters, is to ascertain between what two number of ounces a packet weighs; for double the highest number of ounces is the amount in pence of prepaid postage chargeable on such packet, and quadruple the same number is the amount in pence chargeable on a packet if the postage have not been prepaid. Thus, if the weight of a letter be between six and seven ounces, twice seven is the amount in pence of prepaid postage, and four times seven is the .amount in pence chargeable when the postage is paid on delivery.
22.—Bides for charging "Foreign Letters, single and double Rates.
For every letter directed to a place abroad, a single rate of British postage is charged, provided the letter does not weigh above half an ounce. Above the half onnce and under one ounce, a double rate, &c. A single rate of French postage is charged when a letter weighs under a quarter of an ounce; if it weigh a quarter of an ounce a double rate is charged; if it weigh half an ounce, a treble rate, &c. When, therefore, the British and Foreign postage is prepaid for a letter directed to France, Switzerland, Sardinia, Central Germany, or for any part the route of which is through France, if the letter weigh a quarter of an ounce, one British rate and two foreign rates are charged. Thus, if a person wish to prepay a letter to Paris, to its destination, which weighs a quarter of an ounce, a single rate of British postage is 5d., and a single rate of French postage is also 5c?., but such a letter is chargeable with one British rate, or 5c?., and two French rates, or 10c?., making in the whole Is. 3c?.
23.—Postage on Foreign Letters posted at Southampton.
Single Rate, s. d.
To * Lisbon . . . . .19
♦Spain (addressed via Southampton) . . 2 2
♦Greece and Egypt (Alexandria excepted) . .16
Alexandria . . • . 16
♦Panama, Chili, and Peru . . • .10
♦Hayti and the Foreign West India Islands (Cuba excepted) 1 5 ♦Venezuela, Mexico, Cuba, and New Granada . .23
Gibraltar, Malta, Ionian Islands, Honduras♦, British West Indies (Jamaica and Berbice excepted), Kingston in Jamaica,
India and Hong Kong (addressed via Southampton) . 1 0
♦Madeira, via Lisbon . . . .19
♦Ditto, by West India Packet . . . 1 10
Jamaica (the packet port of Kingston excepted) Berbice I 2
Madeira^, Is. lOd. Brazil^, 2s. 9d. Buenos Ayres\ 2f. Id.
Fletcher # Co., Printers.
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