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Hatch, F. and D. Lipscomb, W. H. Pickford and Co. Smith, J.
Carvers and Gilders.
Buchan, Henry J. Callen, John Diaper, M.
Douglas, J.
Fox, T.
Franklin, T.
Phillips, C.
Rimer, 0. T.
Rimer, J.
Chemists 8f Druggists
Barraud, Charles D. Coulson, Robert Davis, T.
Dowman, G.
Fowle, Francis Glaisyer, John H. Hunt, H.
Mordaunt, A.
Nash, Charles Osborne, Henry Palk, Edward Porter, Edward Randall and Son Steere, W. H.
Tryon, W G.
Vinen, F. A. B.
China and Glass Dealers.
Payne, J.
Payne, S.
Primer, H.
White, C. H. Williamson, W.
Civil Engineers.
Doswell, G.
Dos well, J. D. & R. Duffey, J.
Giles, Alfred Mills, John Smith, Edward Summers, Groves, and
Day Weaver, H.
(Established Church.)
Almack, H., D.D. Baker, R.
Beadon, F.
Beckford, C.
Brown, J. L.
Bullen, E. Burningham, T. Crockat, J.
Davy, C. W. Fanshawe, C. S. Ferris, T.
Fowler, W. S. Gibson, W.
Graham, H. E.
Gray, J.
Hamilton, J., D.D. Hammond, A. Hatherill, Doctor Home, E.
Hoskins, H.
Hulton, W.
Irby, Hon. A. F. Kerly, R. W. Langley, J.
Lukin, J.
M'Calmont, T. Martelli, T.
Orger, W.
Parsons, C. J. Phillips, W. J. G. Poynder, W.
Renaud, G. D.
Robin, P. R.
Savill, F. A. S. Shapcott, T. L. Smith, Herbert Smith, J.
Timson, E.
Tindall, R.
Trench, F.
Trower, W. B. Tyrrell, W.
Wilson, W., D.D.
Adams, J. H. (Wes.) Adkins, T. (Ind.) Bromley, S.
Crabb, J.
Ford, J. (Baptist) Harrison, C. (Ind.) Lumb, J. (Ind.)
Morris, T. (Bap.) Sidden, J. (Cath.) Stevens, G. (Ind.) Wildey, C. (Ind.)
Andrews, R.
Aslatt, J.
Callaway, R. and J. Deane and Aslatt Grant, R.
Jones, W.
Payne, J.
Watson, J.
Woodford, H.
Coal Merchants. Bull, John
Colson, Jas. and Sons Coster and Allvey Crozer, E.
Grace, William Guillaume, W. E. Hall and Co.
Lainson, William Richardson and Lury Tamlyn, Henry Tipper, Samuel Twynain and Co.
Caines, George Cane, J. W.
Firmin, George Fisk, Charles Lloyd, James Soffe, George Webb, Jonathan Wheeler, James Whitehead, M A. Worlock, John
Commission Agents.
Brooks, C.
Clarke, Alonzo Clark, J. jun.
Cawte, J.
Jourdain, H. D. Prosser, A. Ravenscroft, W. R. Richardson and Lury Tucker, J. T. Williams, E.
I-leu-her q Co., rrinterx.
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