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New Moon, 1 day, at 9 27 even.
F^Moon^'is:::::: 10 « S"
Last Quarter, 23...... 12 18 noon
j) Sundays, Holidays, etc. B Sundays, Holidays, etc.
2Tu 3 W 4Th
5 F
6 S IE 8 M 9Tu
10 W
11 Th
12 F
13 S
14 E
15 M
16 Tu
17 W
18 Th
19 F
20 S
21 E
22 M
23 Tu
24 W
25 Th
26 F
27 S
28 E
29 M
30 Tu
Part, and Bustard sh. beg. London burnt, 1660 5un rises 5h. 17m. Sun sets 6h. 39m. Old Bartholomew Night longer 3h. 17m. XVI. Sun. apt. Trinity Nativity B. V. Mary Sun rises 5h. 27m.
Night 1.1 h. 4m. lopg Sun sets 6h. 23m.
New Moon, 1 ............10 52 morn.
First Quarter, 8............11 24 morn.
Full Moon, 15 ............9 49 morn.
Last Quarter, 23 ............8 7 morn.
New Moon, 30 ............11 35 night
Clock slow 4m. lis.
XVII. Sun. apt. Trinity [Holy Cross
Sun rises 5h. 38m.
Ember Week Day long 12h. 23m. Sun sets 6h. 5m.
Clock slow 6m. 39s.
XVIII. Sun. aft. Trinity [St. Matthew
Autumn begins Equal day and night Sun sets 5h. 51m. Day breaks about 4 o'clock Mercury vis. bef. sun-rise
XIX. Sun. aft. Trinity Michaelmas Day Clock slow 10m.
Sept. 5th.—Overseers of Parishes am Boroughs to make out " Burgess Lists" under Mun. Act, which must be deliverec to the Town Clerk this day.—8th. Town Clerks to fix the "Burgess List" in some public place in the Borough from this day until the 15th.—15th. Claims of persons omitted in " Burgess List," and objections to persons improperly inserted, to be given to the Town Clerk in writing on or before this day; notice of objection to be
Even to the person objected to.—24th. ist of claimants, and of persons objectei to, to be fixed by the Town Clerk in some public place of each Borough from this day till Oct. 1st List of objections to county Electors, and claims & objections respecting Borough Lists, to be affixed to Church doors 2 Sundays before the 15th
1 W Hare-hunt. & Ph.-sh. beg.
2 Th Jewish year 5006 begins
3 F Night long 12h. 37m.
4 S Clock slow 11m. 17s.
5 E XX. Sun. aft. Trinity
6 M Faith, Vir. and Mar.
7 Tu Sun rises 6h. 12m.
8 W Sun sets 5h. 21m.
9 Th Night longer 5h. 24m.
10 F Oxford and C. Terms beg.
11 S Clock slow 13m. 13s.
12 E XXI. Sun. apt. Trinity
13 M Insur. due at Mich, to be
14 Tu B. of Hastings, 1066 [paid
15 W Tweed Fishing closes
16 Th Sun rises 6h. 24m.
17 F Hunter's Moon
18 S St: Luke, Fox-hunting beg.
19 E XXII. Sun. aft. Trinity
20 M Sun sets 4h. 56m.
21 Tu Battle of Trafalgar, 1805
22 W Night 13h. 45m. long
23 Th Day 6h. 24m. shorter
24 F Clock slow 15m. 26s.
25 S Crispin, Martyr
26 E XXIII. Sun. aft. Trin.
27 M Sun rises 6h. 46m.
28 Tu St. Simon and St. Jude
29 W Sun sets 4h. 36m. [invis.
30 Th Annular eel. of the sun
31 F Twilight ends 6h. 30m.
October 1st.—Mayor and Assessors to "hold an open Court to revise the "Burgess List some time between the 1st and 15th of Oct.,—three clear days' notice of such court being given. The revised List to be kept bv the Town Clerk.—10th. Half-yearly dividend on various Stock? becomes due.—13th. Fire Insurance due at Michaelmas must be paid on or before this day, or the policy becomes void.— 15th. Half-yearly dividend on old 3 per cent. Ann. becomes due.
GARDEN.—Plant crops of cabbage, cauliflowers, late brocoli, celery, lettuce, and early beans. Keep uncovered, night and day, the greater part of this month, cauliflowers planted in frames. All spare ground should be dunged and trenched.
.1'letcher # Co., Printers.
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