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of persons residing in Southampton and its vicinity they have been rendered as clear and brief as possible.
In consequence of the great curiosity which has often been manifested respecting the nature and duties of the Ordnance Survey Department, recently established at the Military Asylum in this town, an account has been furnished in the Directory of that Department, showing the great national object which will be accomplished by its labours. It was thought, also, that an account of the progress of the Southampton Artesian Well would be read with interest; but it was found difficult to give that account without touching on those topics which have been the source of disputation among the inhabitants. To prevent giving offence, the Artesian Well has been considered principally as an object of scientific curiosity, and interesting to the inhabitants of this town as a work of great magnitude originating with an elective public body formed of their fellow townsmen, and rendered absolutely necessary through the growing importance of Southampton.
The rise of Southampton into magnitude as a commercial Town has been singularly rapid. It is now an undoubted fact, that, from the proximity of Southampton to London and its Railway Communication with the Metropolis, it must always remain unrivalled as a provincial Port for Steamers conveying passengers to and from the Channel Islands, the West Indies, the Continent (more especially in a few month* hence when the railroad is completed between Roue 11 aiut Paris), the Peninsula, Mediterranean, East Indie?, m.;! Cuina. The realisation of
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