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This process is, moreover, perfectly 'innoxious, and cannot by possibility endanger healthy either in its preparation, or in its application : all the Timbers and Ceiling of a Ship may, therefore, be impregnated with the solution, without the slightest prejudicial effect to the crowded inmates. It purifies Bilge-water. It retards the Oxydation of Metals, as has been proved by experiments repeatedly made upon Copper and Iron Bolts, with the most satifactory results, some of which may be seen at the Office. And further, this valuable preparation is comparatively unexpensive in its use.
This preparation is now, after having been carefully tested by the Local Authorities, in extensive use for Ship-building Cordage and Canvass, in Her Majesty's Dock-yards. ° °
Various testimonials'in proof of the efficacy of this Patent can be given on application to the Agents, Messrs. F. W. JERNINGHAM and Co., 2, Winkle Street, Southampton.
*** Station for Tanks, Northam Wharf, where Timber of all dimensions, Canvas, Cordage, and all Articles of Woollen Manufacture, such as Horse Clothing, Blankets, Druggets, $c. $6., which are liable to Moth, are received for Preparation.
N.B. Contracts for the above entered into. and Tanks erected in any part of the Country.

slipping and all its dangerous consequences.
Ihey enable the horse to take a firm and secure £rip upon.the earth, thereby greatly increasing the power, freedom, and safety of his action. Every individual desirous of promoting the comfort of the horse and satety of the traveller is interested in procuring their general adoption. They have undergone the most rigid tests, and have received the approbation of the highest authorities in the kingdom. Any smith can make them, and tne charge f ;r licence is extremely moderate.
lhe Patent Boiled Iron may be procured in bars of any size or strength, to suit the feet of different horses.
' *** For LICENCES and the PATENT IRON, apply to Messrs. F. Jr. JERNINGHAM * CO., 2, Winkle Street, Southampton.
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