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Will, on trial, be found to exceed any thing of the kind ever offered to the Public, as a safe, certain, and easy application for removing Grease Spots out of Silks, Stuffs, and Woollens of all sorts, without discharging the colour, leaving any stain, or being any detriment thereto.
High Street, Southampton.
Sutton & Co., Bow Church Yard; Butler, Cheap-side; Edwards, St. Paul's Churchyard; Drew, Hey-ward, & Co., Trinity Lane, Bread Street; Baiss Brothers, Thames Street; and Blake, Piccadilly.
The QUEENhas been graciously pleased to command that JOSEPH GILLOTT, of Birmingham, be appointed STEEL PEN MANUFACTURER IjY ORDINARY TO HER MAJESTY, dated April 13, 1840.
May be had of all Stationers, Booksellers, and other Dealers in Pens throughout the United Kingdom.
It is gratifying to the Patentee to acknowledge his obligations to the Public for the best proof they can give him of their approbation, in the continually increasing demand for his Pens.
The number of Pens manufactured at the Works of JOSEPH GILLOTT
From Oct. 1838, to Oct. 1839, was 44,654,702 or 3,721,225 dozens or 310,102 gross
And from Dec. 1840, to Dec. 1841, was 62,126,928 or 5,177,244 dozens or 431,437 gross
^ CAUTION.—All the Genuine Pens are marked in full, " JOSEPH GILLOTT and Vendors are desired to note that his Cards of Pens are made up in Packets of 1 dozen each, and have a Label outside, with a facsimile of his Signature.
At the request of persons extensively engaged in tuition, J. G. has introduced his
Which are specially adapted to their use, being of different degrees of flexibility, and with fine, medium, and broad points.
Wholesale and for Exportation, at the Manufactory, VICTORIA WORKS, MIAHAM STREET, BIRMINGHAM, and at 37, GRACECHURCH STREET, LONDON, under the management of Mr. FOX, from the Manufactory at Birmingham; from any of the Wholesale Stationers in London, &c., or from Messrs. FLETCHER and Co., Stationers to Her Majesty, Southampton.

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