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annual division op profits and large reduction
op premiums.
Hand-in-Hand Life Insurance Society,
1, New Bridge Street, Blackfriars, Instituted in 1696.—Extended to Life Insurance in 1836.
Immediate9 Deferred, and Survivorship Annuities granted.

The Hon. Chas. John Murray William Scott, Esq.
Henry P. Sperling, Esq. Henry Way mouth, Esq. Henry Wilson, Esq,
Robert Winter, Esq.
William Wix, Esq.
The Hon. William Ashley Sir Felix Booth, Bart.
The Hon. Sir Edward Cust James Esdaile, Esq.
T. Williams Helps, Esq,
John Gurney Hoare, Esq.
E. Fuller Maitland, Esq.
Peter Martineau, Esq,
Auditors—John Lettsom Elliott, Esq., James Esdaile, Esq., and
Colonel For man.
Bankers—Messrs. Goslings and Sharpe, 19, Fleet Street.
Physician—Robert Richardson, Esq., M.D., 19, Gordon Street,
Gordon Square.
Solicitors—Messrs. Oddie, Forster, and Lumley, 18, Carey Street Actuary—J. M. Terry, Esq. Secretary—Robt. Steven, Esq.
The important advantages offered by the plan and constitution of the Life Department of this Society are—
That Insurers are entirely exempted from all personal liability, and that they are protected by a large invested Capital upon which there is no Interest to pay, and for which no deduction of any kind is made, which enables the Directors to give the whole of the profits to Insuring Members.
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