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Postage on Re-directed Letters.
Letters when re-directed are subjected to additional postage, but the rates are not doubled if the postage be paid on delivery.
Letters cannot be returned after once posted.
Letters when posted, can under no circumstances be returned to the writers or persons posting them, until they have been sent to where they are addressed.
Letters posted without a Direction.
Letters posted without a direction are immediately forwarded to the General Post Office, where they are opened and returned to the writers.
The following Rules if strictly attended to would prevent much inconvenience which the public at present sustain -
1.—Never send coin in letters.
2.—Always register letters which contain articles of value.
3.—Persons sending bank notes or cheques, payable at sight, without registering them, should cut them in halves, and the second halt should not be sent until the first had been acknowledged. The number, date, and amount of such enclosure should also be taken.
4.—Never seal foreign letters with wax.
5.—-Never put a single adhesive label on letters for France or any other foreign part, when it is not intended to prepay the postage on such letters.
G.—If the postage on letters be prepaid by adhesive lables, always place the latter above the address in the right hand corner.
7.—Always make the name of the Post Town in the delivery in which a correspondent's residence is situated a part of the address on a letter.
8.—Write every portion of the address of a letter as distinctly as possible.
9.—In addressing a letter write the name of the party for whom the letter is intended, the name of the street, or house in which he resides, with the name of the Post Town in which the house or street is situated, in separate lines.
10.—In writing a letter no one should omit mentioning the number of the house, the name of the street or village, and post town in which he resides, and, in answering that letter, correspondents should not fail placing those particulars on the address.
11.—In writing to Postmasters requesting letters to be re-directed state distinctly the particulars relative to the manner in which your correspondents direct your letters.

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