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Prices' Current.
The following Lists of Prices' Current can be sent abroad for one penny postage, the prepayment of which is optional, provided they are posted within seven days from the date of publication, and contain no writing: viz., Annual Supplement to Prices' Current; British ships entered inwards and cleared outwards, from, and to, places within the limits of the East India Company's Charter; Commercial Daily List; Lloyd's List; London New Price Current; London Mercantile Price Current; Mercantile Journal; Nicholson's New Price Current; Prince's Price Current; Sound List; Trades'List; Universal Corn Reporter; Whitenhall's Court of Exchange.—The word " Price Current" must be written or printed over the address.
The postage of one penny is charged for printed Prices' Current and Commercial Lists from China, France, and British Colonies, either brought by packet or private ship. From all other places, the postage is two-pence. From the British Colonies, passing through England, two-pence each, which must be prepaid; and those passing through France, two-pence each also. The Lists just mentioned, if stamped, are treated as newspapers.
Printed Votes and Proceedings of Parliament.
Printed votes and proceedings of the Imperial Parliament, and of the Colonial Legislatures, pass through the post at the following rates: viz., under 4oz., one penny; above 4 and under 8oz., two-pence, &c. The prepayment of the postage is optional. Such votes and proceedings are sent for the above rates to any part of the United Kingdom, or to the Colonies, by packet. To places where there are no packets, they are sent by private ships, at double the above rates. They are charged letter postage to the East Indies, via Falmouth and Alexandria.
Adhesive Labels.
The postage on letters and newspapers can be prepaid by affixing labels of sufficient value. Stamps, however, will not free letters to this country, when posted abroad. If letters are posted with stamps of insufficient value, double the amount deficient is charged to the receiver. If stamps of insufficient value are placed on letters for places abroad, to which prepayment is compulsory, such letters are not sent. Stamps of sufficient value to cover the foreign postage can free letters abroad. Labels, &c., are sold at every Post Office and Receiving House, at the following prices : viz., 1 d. Labels, one penny each; 2d. Labels, two-pence each.—The prices of penny envelopes are as follows : twelve, Is. If rf.; eight, 9d.; six, 6f d.; four, 4\d. • two, 2^d.—The prices of two-penny envelopes are : twelve, 2s. Id.; nine. Is. 7±d.; six, Is. W.; three, 6fd.
Limitation as to the weight of Letters jwssing through the
Letters or packets, above the weight of 16 ounces, cannot be sent through the post, excepting such letters or packets as the following :
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