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via Marseilles. Before 10 at night on the first Tuesday in every month, for Madeira, Brazils, and Buenos Ayres. Before § past 8 in the morning every day, except Sundays, and before 10 at night every day, except Saturdays, for France. Before § past 8 in the morning on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, for Belgium. Before 1 past 8 in the morning, every Tuesday and Friday, for Holland, Hamburg, Sweden, and Norway.
Letters for the Mediterranean, by French Packets.
Letters for the following places can be sent by French Packets, which leave Marseilles on the 1st, 11th, and 21st of every month ; viz., Leghorn, Civita, Vecchia, Naples, Malta, Syria, Athens, Smyrna, Constantinople, and Alexandria.
Newspapers for Foreign Parts.
Newspapers can be sent by packet boats, free of postage, to the following places abroad viz., Aden, Antigua, Bahama, Barbadoes, Berbice, Bermuda, Brazil, Bremen, Buenos Ayres, Canada, Caraccas, Colombia, Cuxhaven, Demarara, Denmark, Dominica, East Indies (via Falmouth), France, Gibraltar, Greece, Grenada, Halifax, Hamburg, Hayti, Heligoland, Honduras, Ionian Islands, Jamaica, La Guayra, Lubeck, Malta, Montserrat, Nevis, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Peru, Quebec, St. Kitt's, St. Lucia, St. Vincent's, Spain (via Falmouth), Tobago, Tortola, Trinidad.
Twopence each must be prepaid on newspapers to the following places :—viz., Cuba or Havannah, Egypt, Guadeloupe, Martinique, St. Croix, St. Martin, St. Thomas, Surinam, Syria, United States, the continent of Europe (with the exception of those places to which it has been previously stated that newspapers can be sent free) ; to India, via Marseilles ; to South America, excepting Brazil, Buenos Ayres, Peru, Caraccas, Colombia, La Guayra. Newspapers can be forwarded to British colonies by private ships, on the prepayment of one penny each. Also to the following places for the same postage, via Cape of Good Hope, Mauritius, Sydney, New South Wales, Van dieman's Land, Swan River, South Australia, Chili, Peru, Guatimala, and the Western Coast of Africa, including St. Mary's River, Gambia, Sierra Leone, Cape Coast Castle, Fernando Po, Isle of Ascension. To China, 2d. each. All newspapers directed to places abroad must be posted within seven days from the date of publication.
Newspapers printed and posted in the British colonies are delivered free in this country.
Newspapers from Foreign parts, to which English newspapers can be sent free, are delivered in this country free of postage, France excepted, each being charged on newspapers from that country. From all other parts abroad 2c?. each is charged.
Newspapers need not be sent by post.
Newspapers must be printed in the language of the country in which they are posted, to be entitled to the above mentioned privileges, with the exception of Galignani's Messenger.


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