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How Letters for India and the Mediterranean, via Falmouth,
must he addressed.
Letters for India, Egypt, Greece, Ionian Isles, and Malta, must have the words " via Falmouth" written on the address, if intended to be sent by that route.
Prepayment of the Postage on Foreign Letters.
The prepayment of the postage on letters is optional to place* abroad, belonging to the British, to which there are packet boats sent, except on letters for India and for places in the Mediterranean, via France.
Prepayment of Postage for Letters to France.
On letters for France, the prepayment of postage is optional, or the British postage only can be prepaid, or the British and foreign postage can be prepaid.
Places abroad to which the British and Foreign Postage on Letters can be paid in this country.
The British and foreign postage on letters can be prepaid to France, Central Germany, Sardinia, and to Austria and Italy, as far as the French frontier towns of Huninguen, Forbach, and Sarzane.
When the whole of the postage to the above places is prepaid, the single British rate is 10c?. only.
When Foreign Letters should be posted at Southampton.
Letters should be posted before 10 at night on the 1st and 15th of every month, for the British and Foreign Possessions in the West Indies (excepting Honduras): when the 1st or 15 th happens on a Sunday, letters should be posted on the 2nd or 16th. Before 10 at night, on the 1st of every month, for Mexico, Honduras (Belize), Chagres, and the Isthmus of Panama, Carthagena, Santa Martha, La Guayra, Puerto Cabeilo : when the 1st happens on a Sunday, letters should be posted on the 2nd. Before ^ past 8 in the morning on the 3rd and 18th of every month (excepting in the months of December, January^ February, and March, and then only on the 3rd) for the United States, Bermuda, Halifax (Nova Scotia), Newfoundland, and British North America : when the 3rd or 18th happens on a Sunday, letters should be posted on the 4th and 19th. Before 10 at night, every Saturday, for Lisbon, Madeira, Spain, and Gibraltar. Before 10 at night on the Saturday nearest the middle of the month, and on the last day of the month, for Malta, Greece, and Corfu, via Falmouth. Before JO at night on the last day of every month, for Egypt and India, via Falmouth. Before ^ past 8 in the morning on the 4th of every month, for India, Malta, Ionian Isles, Greece, Egypt, and Syria,
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