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rates is chargeable on such letter. Thus, if a person wish to prepay a letter to Paris, to its destination, which weighs a quarter of an ounce, a single rate of British postage is 10c?., and a single rate of French postage is also 10c/.; but such a letter is chargeable with one British rate, or 10c?., and two French rates, or Is. 8c?., making in the whole 2s. 6c?.
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Postage on Foreign Letters posted at Southampton.
Via Falmouth.—The British postage on a letter not exceeding half an ounce in weight to Portugal, is Is. 9c?.; to Cadiz and Vigo, 2s. M.; to Gibraltar, Malta, Ionian Islands, Is.; to Greece and Egypt, 2s. 5c?.; to Madeira, via Lisbon, Is. 9c?.; to Brazil, 2s. 9c?.; to Buenos Ayres and Monte Video, 2s. Id.; to Chili' and Peru, Is.; to Antigua, Barbadoes, Cariacou, Dominica, Grenada, Jamaica, Mont-serrat, Nevis, St. Kitt's, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Tobago, Tortola, Trinidad, Bahamas, Berbice, Demarara, Essequibo, Is.; to Curacoa, Martinique, Guadaloupe, St. Croix, St. Martin's, St. Thomas, Porto Rico, Cape Haytien (Hayti), St. Juan (Porto Rico), Is. 5c?.; to Honduras, Chagres, Is.; to Carthagena, Havanna, La Guayra, Puerto Cabello, Santa Martha, St. Jago de Cuba, Tampico, Vera Cruz, 2s. 3c?.
Via LIVERPOOL.*—To the United States, Is.; to Prince Edward's Island, Canada (with the exception of Halifax, the postage to which is Is.), Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Is. 2d.; to Bermuda and Newfoundland, Is.
Via London.—To France, 10c?.; to Italy, Turkey, Spain, and Portugal, via France, Is. Id.; to Switzerland, via France, Is. 2d.; to Germany, via France, Is. 4c?.; to Turkey, Italy, and the Mediterranean, if addressed "per French packet," a British rate of 10c?., and a foreign rate of Is. 10§c?. ; to India, if addressed "per French packet," British rate, Is. 10c?., and a foreign rate, Is. 10§d.; to Malta, Ionian Islands, Greece, Syria, and Egypt, "via Marseilles," a British rate of 10c?., and a foreign rate of 10d.; to India, via Marseilles," a British of Is. 10c/., and a foreign rate of 10c?. ; to Holland and Belgium, Is. 6c?.; to Hamburgh, Cuxhaven, and Lubeck, 6c?.; to Germany, Russia, Prussia, Denmark, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Is. 10c?.; to Heligoland, Is.
Soldiers' and Seamen's Letters.
Letters can be sent abroad to any part to which there are packet boats from this country, and to St. Helena, East Indies, and New South Wales, to non-commissioned officers, captains, stewards, soldiers, and seamen, for one penny each, provided they do not exceed half an ounce each, and the name of the soldier or sailor, his class or description, and the name of the ship or regiment, corps, or detachment, to which he belongs, be specified. The postage must be prepaid.
Such soldiers' or sailors' letters, if sent by a private ship, are charged 3c?. each. Three-pence postage is charged for soldiers' and seamen's letters to the following places: viz., to the River Gambia, Sierra Leone, Goree, Senegal, Isle of Ascension, and China.

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