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Minestead, from the Red Lion Inn, Wednesday and Saturday.—Coddon.
---Tuesday and Saturday.—Bromfield.
Newport, a trading vessel calling at Cowes; by this vessel heavy goods are forwarded to all parts of the island.—Smith &Co.
Oxford, through Winchester, Whitchurch, and Newbury, from Lipscomb's waggon office.—Bacon & Bunce. — from Smith's waggon office, Monday and Thursday.—Smith & Co.
Portsmouth, from the Bed Lion Inn, Monday and Friday.—Boyce.
--from Smith's waggon office, every Monday,
Wednesday, and Friday.—Garnett.
jPoole, from the King's Arms, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.—Whitcher.
-from the Fountain Inn, every Tuesday and Saturday.—Hammett.
Ports wood, from the Sun Inn, daily.—Mason.
Reading, from the Nag's Head, Tuesday.—Watmore.
--from the Bed Lion, Wednesday.—Tomkins.
Ringwood, from the King's. Arms, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.—Whitcher & Lawrence.
from the Fountain Inn, Tuesday and Satur-
JEtomsey, from the Vine Tap, daily.—Barnett.
-from the King's Arms, daily—King.
-from the Robin Hood, daily.—Collins.
Salisbury, from the King's Arms, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.—Compton.
Stockbridge, from the Red Lion, Thursday. Marsh.
--— from the Fountain, Tuesday.—Butler.
Testwood, from the Market, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.—Mrs. White.
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