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Wheeler, William, St. Mary!s street
Wheeler, George, esq. 73, Marland place
Wheeler, Henry, baker, Fawley
Wheeler, George, Anchor Tavern, Redbridge
Wheeler, C. M. coal and slate dealer, Redbridge
Wheeler, James, confectioner, St. Mary's street
Whitcher, W. painter and paper-hanger, 23, Above bar
Whitcher, Joseph, butcher, St. Mary's street
Whitchurch, James, esq. Bletchynden terrace
White, John, esq. Millbrook
White, E. coachsmith, Orchard lane
White, David, whitesmith, French street
White, Richard, grocer, Fawley
White, George, carpenter, Hythe
White, Henry, smith, Hythe
White, G. baker, 2, Southampton street
White, Miss, dressmaker, 10, Bridge street
White, John, broker, St. Michael's square
White, Samuel, whitesmith, 12, Lansdown hill
White, William, shopkeeper, Totton
White, George, carpenter and builder, Hythe
White, Henry, smith, Hythe
White, William, 23, South front, Kingsland
White, William, Bridge street
White, Richard, shoemaker, Castle square
White, George, retailer of beer, St. Mary's street
Whiteway, Captain, Totton
Whiting, W. fireman, Shirley
Whitlock, Francis, Ridgeway Farm, Peartree
Whitmarsh, Mrs. day school, 17, Canal walk
Whitmore, Mrs. Milford place
Wick, Mrs. Royal Hotel tap, Vincent's walk
Wiggley, C. sen. boot and shoe maker, Albion place
Wiggley, C. jun. boot and shoe maker, Waight's terrace
Wigglcy, J. boot and shoe maker, Orchard lane
Wightman, R. esq. M.D. 6, Prospect place
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