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Soffe, Thomas, farm, Fawley
Soffe, Joseph, miller, Eling
Soles, Mrs. retailer of beer, Chapel road
Solomon, S. fancy bazaar, 15, Above bar
Southern District Banking Company, 57, High street
gouth Hants Infirmary, St. Mary's street
Southouse, F. W. esq. Carlton crescent
Southouse, Thomas W. esq. West Cliff Lodge, Dibden
Sparks and Son, flymen, Orchard street
Spearing, Mrs. Verandah terrace
Spearing, Martin, town seargeant, Platform
Spearing, Mrs- keeper of the felon's jail, Platform
Speck, Joseph, 17, Bedford terrace
Speck, Charles, hatter and patten maker, Canal walk
Spencer, Isaac, rate collector, West front, Kingsland
Spencer, Miss, Millbrook
Spencer, Arthur, shopkeeper, Hythe
Spincer, Richard, butcher, 21, Carlton place
Spooner, Henry, esq. Oak Villa, Grosvenor square
Spooner, W. C. veterinary surgeon, Spa road
Springett, John, boot and shoe maker, Orchard lane
Spurrier, Mrs. pawnbroker, 31, Above bar
Spurrier, R. saddler, 14, Above bar
Squibb, William, gardener, Hill
Stace, Joseph, esq. surgeon, 38, Above bar
Stace, Mrs. S. 5, Brunswick place
Stafford, Thomas, St. Mary's place
Stainer, Henry, butcher, Redbridge
Staples & Collyer, painters, plumbers, and glaziers, 48,
Above bar Staples, Miss, milliner, 48, Above bar Staples, W. Gr. plumber and glazier, Totton Starks, Frederick, wine and dry cooper, 28, French-st. Starks, Cornelius, sen. builder, Westgate street Starks, Cornelius, builder, Paradise row Starks, John, bricklayer, Rumbridge
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