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Rawe, Joseph, leather seller, East street
Ray, Edward, Spread Eagle, West street
Raymond, Henry, surgeon, East street
Raymond, Benjamin, butcher, 120, High street
Raymond, B. butcher, East street
Rayner, William, Hill
Read, — builder, College street
Read, Thomas, tailor, post office, Totton,
Read, R. S. South front, Kingsland
Read, John, hairdresser, Hanover buildings
Read, William, James street *■ '
Read, Reuben, Highfield
Read, Reuben, grocer, Fawley
Red ward, E. schoolmaster, French street
Reed, J. baker, South front, Kingsland
Reed, John, tailor, South front, Kingsland
Register, G. White Horse, Marchwood
Reid, R. draper, St. Mary's street
Reid, R. St. Mary's street
Renaud, Rev. G. D. 4, AngWea place
Renouf, Miss, French and English school, Canal walk
Rhodes, Mrs. retailer of beer, 7, Prospect place
Rice, H. esq. Stoneham Cottage, Highfield
Rice, John, esq. Nursling-
Rice, William, esq. Nursling
Rice, Henry, S. esq. May-bush
Rich, Captain, 14, Cumberland place
Richards, W. J. esq. solicitor, Portland terrace
Ricketts, G. R. esq. North Stoneham
Richards, Charles, mariner, Broad lane
Richards, Thomas, Shirley
Richardson, J. chemist and druggist, 17, Above bar Richardson, Mrs. 13, Hanover buildings Richardson, W. coal and corn merchant, 11, High street
and Hound well lane Richardson, Mrs. A. Bedford terrace
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