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Pedler, John, 2, Carlton place Pedler, Mrs. laundress, 2, Chandos street Peel, H. boot and shoemaker, 10, Bedford terrace Pegler* George, silversmith and jeweller, 151, High-st Peirce, George, gardener, Exmouth street Peirce, Robert, grocer, 22, Canal walk Pembroke, George, greengrocer, Canal walk Penford, Miss, Carlton place Penley, A, artist, Bedford place Penny, John, builder, Carlton place Penny, John, Bellevue Inn, Southampton street Penton, Miss, 15, Bedford terrace Pepler, George, esq. Portswood Pepper, Mrs. Polygon Pepper, B. esq. solicitor, Bernard street Perkins, John, barrow man, Broad lane Perkins, Thomas, mariner, Orchard lane Perkins, R. H. auctioneer, upholsterer, and cabinetmaker, 59, High street Perkins, Robert, mariner, 15, Lansdown hill Perkins, Miss, straw bonnet maker, 3, Broad lane Permain, John W. estate agent, 39, Above bar Perry, William, Bletchynden terrace Peterson, Mrs. 10, Brunswick place Petty, Henry, carpenter, 18, North front, Kingsland Petty, Ashley, broker, Canal walk Petty, Thomas, carpenter and broker, North front Kingsland
Pfeil, J. W. wine merchant, 1, Bellevue place Phillips, Rev. W. J. G. vicarage, Eling Phillips, J. tailor, 29, Bedford terrace Phillips, William, tailor, Rumbridge Phillips, John, retailer of beer, Cross street Phillips, John, constable, Rumbridge Phillips, Henry, carpenter, Hythe Phipps, Colonel, Grosvenor place
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