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Boucher, Mrs. Shidfield
Bourchier, Colonel, South Stoneham-house
Bound, Henry, schoolmaster,
Bound, John, grocer, Mount street
Bourne, Rt. Hon. Wm. Sturges, Testwood-house, Totton
Boutillier, Daniel, D. Bernard square
Bovill, S. and J.W. timber merchants, Canal walk
Bovill, James, esq. Shirley
Bovill, J.W. esq. Grosvenor-honse
Bower, W. H. schoolmaster, Orchard lane
Bower, J. retailer of beer, Craven street .
Bovill, Lewis, butcher, Hythe
Bowers, Thomas, milkman, Craven street *'
Bowles, George, Fawley
Bowles, Miss, upper Moira place
Bowles, Miss, 2, Union terrace
Bown, Mrs. stationer and library, 14J, High street
Bowyer, Captain, Millbrook
Boyce, John, cabinet maker, St. Michael's square
Boyce, Miss. E. dress maker, St. Michael's square
Boyce, John, boat builder, West quay
Boyce, Henry, milkman, French street
Boyes, Thomas, retail brewer, Millbrook
Boyland, E. Jun. tailor, 1, Castle square
Boyles, John, tailor, Crown court
Brabham, Samuel, tailor, Pembroke square
Brace, Mrs. 33, College street
Bradley, Mrs. James, Sydney Cottage, Peartree
Bradby, T. esq. Clifford-house, St. Mary's
Bradney, Rev. S. 8, Portland terrace
Bradshaw, George, waiter, Orchard street
Bradstreet, Mrs. Pear tree
Brandreth, Mrs. 12, St. Michael's square
Bray, John, grocer, East street
Breedon, Charles, esq. Millbrook
Bremmer, Mrs. St. Michael's squar
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