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Temple Bar 3475 (12 Hnw) 1 Temple Bar 8904 Telegrams :
Lepard Westcenc, London
ssrs. 4*.D. Co#0= Son
26th October |9 55
Sold to
5 .;es\Street / y" Southampton

Order No.
Folio w / 111 Terms: Monthly Account Nett.
Space for Buyer s
use only

1 Iieam White Mech Bank D' Cap @ l/3%d lh
19. Id
Part Order
Carriage Paid B.Ii.S.R. 1 Bundle
CLAIMS. To comply with the regulations of the British Transport Commission, notification of damage to and/or short delivery of goods
should be sent to the Carriers and ourselves within 3 days of delivery, and in the case of of goods similar notice should be given within 14 days of date of despatch.
No claim shall be made for damage to, or for rejection of, goods which have been cut or printed or which cannot be returne as delivered.
PACKING FRAMES. Advice of return must be sent on day of despatch.
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