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District Office
^ (To which postal remittances should be cent) CIVIC CENTRE, SOUTHAMPTON
Phone . 3855
Local Offices and Service Centres
Station Road, Bishops Waltham ......... 100
4, Regal Buildings, Market Street, Eastleigh ... 87146
161, Above Bar Southampton ......... 4743
301, Shirley Road, Southampton .........71083
2, Market Buildings, Swaythling ...Southampton 55106 Payment will also be received at other offices and service centres of the Board if this is more convenient to the Consumer.
Scale Per Unit
A Sid.
B Id.
C 5jd.
D Id.
E 5 id.
F Id.
Twenty-four hour*' notice in writing shall be given to an Electricity Boyd by every Consumer before he quit* any premises supplied with electrical energy by the Electricity Board, and, in default of such notice, the Consumer so quitting shall be liable to pay to the Electricity Board the money accruing due in respect of such supply up to the next usual period for ascertaining the register of the meter on such premises, or the date from which any subsequent occupier of such premises may require the Electricity Board to supply electrical energy to such premises, whichever shall first occur. (Section 17, Electric Lighting Act, 1909.) ___
Per Unit
Per Unit
Commercial Tariff—Primary Units
Do. —Secondary Units
Domestic Tariff—Primary Units
Do. —Secondary Units
Farming and Horticultural Tariff —Primary Units Do. —Secondary Units
G H J 21
As per
Bill As per Bill
Sundry Flat Rate Tariffs Sundry Two-Part Tariffs Sundry Tariffs (as per Agreement) Off-Peak Tariff (as per Agreement)
K 2K 8K
Commercial Maximum Demand Tariff
Other Maximum Demand Tariffs
(as per Agreement)
Commercial Maximum Demand Tariff for Supplies metered at High Voltage. (Maximum Demand, Unit and Fuel Charges subject to discount of 5%— Unit Charge 0.6d. less 5% =0.57d.).
the published Tariffs. - ' -------——
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